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The Travelling Tula - What an amazing journey we had with the Travelling Tula! Check out our journey and tips on having a Travelling Tula in your group.

I am so lucky to have an amazing birth group with my son.  The women are all so supportive and have grown so close.  A bunch of us got together and each pitched in some money and bought a Tula soft-structured baby carrier together.

For the past year I have seen the posts and pictures as the Tula started off in British Columbia with the mama’s and babies there and slowly made its way across Canada.  Unfortunately for me I was the second last one to get the Tula but finally my time came!!  I proudly took the Tula to our local Animal Farm to carry my 16-month-old, shopping at an outdoor mall, and he napped in there a few times for grocery shopping.  It felt amazing each time I put it on.

This carrier was filled with so much love and I could honestly feel it while wearing it, the Tula went to 24 mama’s and baby’s, 6 provinces, and lots of events ad attractions across Canada: the worlds largest fly fishing rod in Houston, BC, a light up festival in Leithbridge for Christmas, Valley View farms in Ottawa, Bluewater Bridge  in Sarnia, watching older siblings practice at hockey rinks, tons of shopping trips, walks around local neighbourhoods, a Halloween costume party, and lots more.

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If you have a birth group and are close I strongly recommend this.  We all signed a waiver on care and damage and each pitched in money, which covered the carrier itself and also helped cover the shipping costs between everyone.  We all voted on which design we wanted to get.  One mama was in charge of funds and we just sent her a copy of the receipt to be reimbursed each time it was shipped to the next mama,  we got the insurance each time for added protection.   We would get the Tula for two weeks then pass it on to the next mama.

One mama (who has her own business selling them) even made a matching chewlery accessory for the carrier so the babes could enjoy chewing as they snuggled.  My son liked to play with it so it did the trick.  It was super cute to have a little accessory to go with the carrier and help out all the poor little teething babies.

I will add, we did the draw this week and the Tula is on it’s way to it’s new forever home with a lucky mama (not me unfortunately!).  We decided to donate the money to a local shelter near our group’s treasurer to help with baby supplies.  There wasn’t much left but it was something!

Travelling Tula Mamas & Babies - What an amazing journey we had with the Travelling Tula! Check out our journey and tips on having a Travelling Tula in your group.

If you are thinking about doing this with your birth group (or another group) I strongly recommend it.  I have some tips below to consider and discuss with your group to ensure you are all on the same page.

  • Decide on the type of carrier off the bat.
  • To figure out the cost decide on the carrier and find out the total cost of it (including tax and shipping).
  • Get confirmation from everyone who wants to participate.
  • Figure out shipping costs between everyone.
  • Assign or get a volunteer to handle  the funds.  This is a big responsibility as they collect it from everyone and also reimburse shipping costs as you go.
  • Get your total from shipping costs and the carrier and divide it by participants, that’s your magic number everyone has to pay.
  • Decide on a set of rules, do you wash it after each transfer, how do you wash it, no sick baby’s or food in carrier, no smoking by the carrier etc.  Pretty much ensure everyone has a good idea on etiquette around the carrier so no one has an asthma attack or gets sick from someone else’s germs.
  • Decide on how long everyone gets to keep the carrier for.
  • We didn’t do this, but I recommend writing up the rules and including it with the carrier, I blame my lack of sleep but I thought we got it for two weeks and not one and accidentally kept it longer than my turn 🙁  By the time I got it months and months later I had forgotten everything, and I am sure others would too so a quick guide to remind people is always a safe thing to do.
  • Decide what happens to the carrier at the end and the remaining money.  Having people know what they are signing up for is important.
  • Finally everyone can vote on their favourite carrier!!  This made it super fun as everyone got a say.  We chose a travel-style one (based on a voting process) which was perfect for the travelling Tula.

I have a Toddler Tula and a Becco Soleil so this was my first time using a standard Tula and I LOVED it.  It was a great chance to try out a different carrier, I am not in the market for a new carrier unfortunately, but if I was, I would get a Tula, I really liked it and it was super comfortable.

The Travelling Tula - What an amazing journey we had with the Travelling Tula! Check out our journey and tips on having a Travelling Tula in your group.

It is so amazing to know that this carrier has been used by 24 women and babies in my birth group. I love cuddling my son in here and knowing this carrier is full of love from so many of my fellow mama’s loving and snuggling their babies in here too.  The Tula has had a fabulous journey across Canada and it was such a fun thing to do with my fellow birth group mom’s, seeing the places it went and the pictures taken.  A big thank you to a certain few from my group for all their hard work organizing this journey, you guys were awesome and made it a great experience!

DISCLAIMER:  None of this was my idea, the amazing ladies in my group came up with it and the rules and facilitated it, I am just sharing our journey as I thought it was so much fun and want to share it so others can have the same experience.

The Travelling Tula - What an amazing journey we had with the Travelling Tula! Check out our journey and tips on having a Travelling Tula in your group.

Would you ever consider doing something like this with your birth group or another group of friends?

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Please share our journey to motivate other groups to do it too.  It is such an amazing experience I really want others to learn more about it so they can try it out too.


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    rebecca says:

    I have never heard of birth groups before. I’m a bit fuzzy on the concept after googling it. We have a local babywearing group that I participate in. They have over 100 different carriers people can check out for a month at a time for a $20 yearly membership fee. Last year, we were chosen by Tula to be one of the groups to participate in their travelling Tula program. Sadly, they don’t fit me comfortably although they made for some super cute pics with my little one. I have the Beco Butterfly 2 in my collection of carriers and was considering the Soleil. I am so disappointed when Boba took over they are discontinuing it. I suppose I can find one on the B/s/t pages, though.
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    Inez says:

    I have heard such great things about the Tula. I need to rent one! I don’t wear my son a whole lot, mostly to the mailbox, but this would be great for a trip/day out. Also, the sharing thing is a great idea. I wouldn’t want to be the person in charge of the money, though. haha.
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