My Top 7 Summer Must Have’s

With summertime I am out and about so much! These are My Top 7 Summer Must Have’s.  I like products I can use while on the go with my kids and a night out.  I need things that are helpful and easy.  There is not a lot of time to focus on stuff that takes a long time, so it has to be easy to use while chasing after my two and four year old.  These products make my summer easier and also make me feel awesome at the same time.


My Top 7 Summer Must Haves - I am on the go all summer long with my kids. These are my favourite products for summer to make my life easier & help me feel awesome.


My Top Summer Must Have’s


1. Large Utility Tote & Cool Clip Thermal

These items are essential for me.  A Large Utility Tote that holds up to 50 lbs and is easy to pop things in and out while running errands, going for play dates or to the park.  I use mine for groceries and library runs, super easy to carry things around easily while juggling my kids.  I use my cool clip thermal a few times a week, it is great for packing small snacks for the park or while running errands.  Mine usually has cheese strings, an ice pack, diet Pepsi, and sandwiches.  Easy, healthy snacks even while on the go.


2. Sunscreen Face Stick

I may just be lazy, or just that I don’t like the feel of sunscreen on my face.  But I LOVE these Sunscreen Sticks!  Super easy to apply to your face, and I even use it on my kids as they act like I am trying to water board them when I apply sunscreen to their faces.  At least this I can apply in seconds and they stay still for.


3. Silver Icing

I have a few friends who recently became stylists with Silver Icing and I am hooked!  The clothes are great while I am out and about with my kids.  Granted these clothes are the first non-maternity, non-breastfeeding clothing that I have worn in about five years.  I may be biased!  But seriously moms, find a consultant near you (or check out the link above for mine) and feel awesome while chasing your kids during the day.  Then look great for date night at night too!


4.  Jamberry Nail Wraps

I am still so in love with these nails!   I use my Jamberry nail wraps for my toes.  I always have them on my toes for a cute pedicure.  Who has time to worry about their nails??  I put these on my toes and forget about them for a few months (except when I look down and think about how cute my toes are).  It’s a great activity to do with my four-year-old daughter too.  She loves them so much and is always excited to get her nails done.


5. Bootay Bag

Totally biased as I LOVE getting surprises in the mail.  I am totally in love with Bootay Bag.  Getting a nice little package with new pretty panties in the mail makes me feel great.  Pair that with my Jam nails and Silver Icing clothes and I am ready for a night out with my hubby!  Seriously, two pairs of adorable panties right to your mailbox.  Who wouldn’t love that??  Guys, it’s a great gift for the lovely lady in your life!


6. My Happy Planner

I am still so addicted to my planner.  I need a large planner with different slots to keep track of my home/mom/family life, blog posts, and my own business too.  This lets me keep it all together, and a spot to add my notes, like reminding me to do yoga and walk three times a week.  I LOVE my planner so much!!  But I also love how close it is to scrapbooking, I love washi tape, and I also love stickers, what’s not to love!


7. Knitting

Or other on-the-go craft.  I love bringing my knitting with me to the park, in the backyard, meetings, anywhere.  Sitting and watching the kids is so easy while knitting, in fact, most moms are on their phones (and no I am NOT judging I do it too, only time to check your e-mail, log your food for the day, check in with your partner for dinner, grocery shop, or just relax and play candy crush) so while knitting I actually pay MORE attention as I am watching them the whole time while my hands are busy.


My Top 7 Summer Must Haves - I am on the go all summer long with my kids. These are my favourite products for summer to make my life easier & help me feel awesome.




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