We Are Knitters – Katja Cape knitting review

We Are Knitters - Katja Cape review - My first knitting project and I took on the Katja Cape from We Are Knitters, come check out the results and how easy it is to take up knitting!

I have always loved knitting and wanted to learn to knit.  I learned how to do it as a kid and used to keep my knitting in the van for long car rides.  Unfortunately,  my dad’s van got stolen and that was the end of my knitting since my stuff was gone.  My Granny was an amazing knitter and used to make amazing doggy sweaters, mitts, scarfs, and stuffed animals. I always wanted to figure it out but arthritis kicked in before I was able to learn from her.


Knitting 5When I was approached by We Are Knitters to try out one of their products I was SUPER excited!  Being a beginner they helped guide me towards the beginner projects that I could tackle. I chose to do the Katja shawl.  I choose the colours and eagerly awaited my shipment in the mail.  It was super fast.


Starting Off

Knitting 3I watched the instructional videos over and over again and attempted to start my project.  Well….. there certainly was a learning curve.  I had to re-start three times, but that was due to my ability not the project.  Luckily I had a girls weekend with my friends coming up.  A good friend of mine is an AMAZING knitter (she knit my son a cardigan that still fits him a year later) she took one look at it and encouraged me to rip it apart and start again.  With her help I was now on the right track and could tackle the project.  I suppose starting off with thick wool and chunky wooden needles wasn’t the easiest project to start with, but with her help I was well underway and loving how it looked!

Knitting 4I brought this with me everywhere, with two young kids I could only do a row here and there so it took me a LONG time.  It should have been faster, but oh well.  The next one I am sure I can do in half the time. It came with me to my daughters gymnastics practice to do as I watched, in the car as my husband drove for vacations, outside while watching my kids play, and camping with my other knitting friends.  We may have looked dorky all sitting there knitting, but I  thought we looked cool.

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Knitting 2Practice Makes Perfect

My biggest issue was I kept picking up stitches randomly while I knitted.  I would count at the end, and have an extra stitch or two each line.  Soooo my knitting doesn’t look even, but that is because I had to keep dropping stitches I had picked up.  Although I did the same pattern the whole way along, the beginning was really loose because I was just learning, I kept messing up my stitch count and I got tighter at the end.  Whatever, I love it and for my first piece of knitting I think it looks great.

Knitting 1Review

I honestly had so much fun doing this piece and really recommend it.  Even with  NO experience (I really don’t count a row or two in the car at age 11) I made this.  If you want to try and learn to knit the Katja Cape like me, this kit (or another beginner one) would be PERFECT for you.  I cannot recommend it enough.  It was a great way to de-stress and have some me time, even with the kids.  Grab a cuppa tea or wine (depending on the time….) and your knitting and you can supervise and interact with your kids while you knit.

We Are Knitters - Katja Cape review - My first knitting project and I took on the Katja Cape from We Are Knitters, come check out the results and how easy it is to take up knitting!


What do you guys think?

I have a birthday coming up next month and am I am already planning out which kit I want to do next.  These two kits are at the top of my list, so hopefully someone gives one to me!  The Cub Scarf on the left I would need extra wool so I can make one for each of my kids, but I would love one in adult size too!  Otherwise the cloak on the right would be for me 🙂




If you could knit one of these which would you do next?  What are your favourite knitting projects?

Check out the kits from We Are Knitters below, there are so many options of things you can get!


Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for some awesome pics and ideas of new patterns and kits to try out.

DISCLAIMER:  I was given a kit to try out in exchange for my blog post, all opinions are my own and I make no money from you following links or purchasing anything.


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We Are Knitters - Katja Cape review - My first knitting project and I took on the Katja Cape from We Are Knitters, come check out the results and how easy it is to take up knitting!

Getting your Freedom Back as a Mom

Getting Your freedom back as a mom - ig

This past week I had the amazing experience to go camping with my two wonderful children (3 and 1.5 years old), my sister, friends, and other acquaintances at an awesome festival we visit each year.  It is an amazing experience, the only place I go where I can really feel the “village” still has an effect.  Everyone helps to look after each other’s kids (even the child-less adults are moms for the week), we don’t wear shoes and get to run wild in nature hearing bands, attending workshops,  doing crafts at Munchkinland for the kids, swimming daily, and playing at the park.

I have been attending this festival every year for about eight or nine years.  I did it last year with a 2 year old and seven month old baby, and honestly it was hell.  Trying to juggle the two of them (even with help) was awful.  I was an emotional wreak and broke down more than once.  Trying to get the two of them to cooperate for naps and bedtime was just awful, after last year where it was seriously challenging and hard I knew no matter what this year could not be as bad!

This year was a JOY!  My children were amazing!  My daughter was at the age where she could be independent and play on her own while I put her brother down for a nap.  My son LOVED exploring nature and had a blast studying plants and wandering around enjoying his freedom.  They visited friends at neighbouring campsites and I didn’t even have to worry as it was only 10 feet away!

Last year I felt so tied down, I couldn’t attend any workshops, go to any of the nightlife activity since I had to be at the tent with the kids, and my emotions were so raw from trying to juggle a baby and a cranky toddler.  I was thrilled with how different this year was.  Yes they are still children and have their moments, but it was great to see everyone playing nicely (for the most part!) together, both kids had friends their age there from some of my BFF’s so we had two 3-year-olds, 2 1.5-year-olds and other kids around those ages who popped in and out regularly to play.  That combined with the five adults to look after them and back each other up was great.

13872712_10155161292169478_4642200756022411313_nAlthough I still couldn’t make it to any workshops or nightlife this year, I didn’t mind as much, I still got to leave the site with the kids and check out the vendors, and the swimming, that is what gave me my freedom back.  Moms, have you heard of a PUDDLE JUMPER??  It is a LIFESAVER!  I used to have to hold my kids in the water, neither are big enough to swim on their own, then we discovered the puddle jumper, and my life has changed forever.


I always loved to swim, I was a fish and loved to be underwater all the time, with kids, you can’t really do that, I was really limited since I am always with my kids, and although I still loved swimming and went in the water, I mostly stayed at waist height playing with the kids.

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13659164_10155161293509478_3227132755319959401_nFast forward back to the camping festival, with both kids in puddle jumpers, I got to SWIM!!  We swam out to the floating dock every day, my kids love to swim and I was thrilled they would go on an adventure with me to the floating dock.  In case you are panicking, there was at least one adult per kid and we were always close to the kids swimming, even in their pudde jumpers.  Once at the floating dock we all climbed on board, my daughter was content to sit on the dock and count for people jumping off, but my son (18 month old) LOVED to jump off the floating dock, sometimes into my arms sometimes nowhere near me.  It was amazing.  I loved to see my kids have so much fun and for me, I got a little freedom back this week.  It may not seem like much, but to someone who loves swimming (and doing anything really on yor own) once you have kids, you realize you have to give up stuff you never even considered before (like going swimming underwater with no child in your arms).  If there is a way to give you back some of your freedom easily, then go for it!

For me it was a simple puddle jumper (you can buy it at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Amazon, or we got one free from our local buy nothing group) that helped me get some freedom back.  Now my kids could swim WITH me instead of on me, so we were all comfortable going deeper and could do so safely.

Maybe next year I will make it to a workshop, maybe I will get to swim to the dock alone, maybe I can hit up a concert or fire pit and dancing or other night life, for now I am content to be near my kids and satisfied they are safe and happy, but when they are ready for more independence I cannot wait to get back some of mine!


What is one thing you didn’t expect you would have to give up when you became a parent.  Comment below!

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Getting Your freedom back as a mom - pt


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Camping Hacks

Camping Hacks - Going camping is so much fun! But challenging with young kids. Try these Camping Hacks with kids to make your life easier and camping more fun!


Do you like to go camping with your kids?  I sure do! Although we always have a blast, I have picked up some tricks over the years to make our trip more enjoyable and comfortable. Here are some of my favourite hacks while camping with my kids.

Pillow case 1

This may seem like an odd hack, but after a week camping it was useful to me and other campers thought it was neat so I thought I would share it.  Instead of changing your pillow case before camping, bring the clean pillow case in your luggage, change it after your tent is set up.  I found my pillows got super dirty in the car and sitting on the ground or picnic table during unloading.  It is much better to change it once in the tent for a clean pillow.  Then use the dirty case as a laundry bag, put all your dirty clothes in there during the trip so it is easy to cart home and take straight to the washing machine to be cleaned.

Pump soap & solar shower

This was my sister’s genious idea, combined with my soap.  Bring a solar shower with you.  It is only like $10-15 at Wal-Mart, a great investment if you camp a lot and also good for showers while camping.  Fill it with water and hang it from a tree, put some soap near by, I just brought regular pump soap, it is easier than a bar and can sit at the bottom of the tree on the ground.  After using the outhouse or port-a-potty or bush you can easily wash your hands afterwards!  My three-year-old could manage to wash her own hands, which made our life much easier. Great to wash your hands after playing in the dirt, questionable beach water, and before meals.  A simple cleanliness station, which makes you feel MUCH better camping.


My daughter can go to the toilet herself at home, but at three I don’t want her traipsing to the port-a-potty on her own and they are pretty nasty.  We bring her potty with us, I take out the center (for catching the poop and pee) and she can easily bush pee on her potty independently without needing us to run her to the camp bathrooms.  With the hand washing station above she can wash her hands afterwards on her own too.  Being able to have your child go to the bathroom independently is a great blessing while camping as it saves you time and effort.  She knew when she had to go poop to tell us and we would take her to the port-a-potty, no one wants to clean that up out of the grass!

Wagon 1

This one is depending on the ages of your kids.  We have a pop-up wagon that is AMAZING.  It can be used to help cart all your camping gear to your tent, store stuff at the site, help you transport kids around the site easily, hold all your beach toys, towels, water bottles etc. while going to the beach, and if you have to walk to your car help transport groceries from your car and/or kids to the car for errands into town.

Thermal BagI brought an extra thermal bag (I LOVE my Thirty-One thermals!) on the way up for drinks and veggies that didn’t fit in the cooler.  Once they did I used the bag for ice runs to keep the ice solid longer.  It worked great!  Driving to town and back plus walking to and from the parking lot meant at least 10-20 minutes that the ice was out of the freezer before going in the cooler.  A thermal bag to transport makes a difference and it is cold carrying it against your body so some extra protection between you and the ice feels better too.

Sarong fence

This one is great for close camping quarters and festivals.  Use those clothes lines like a fence. Bring string/rope to tie up around the perimeter of your camping area (also a great way to mark off your area so no one comes camping in it during festivals) then bring old curtains, sheets, sarongs, and clothes pins.  Pin them up on the clothes lines around the camp, it’s pretty, and you get more privacy!

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Have outside and inside bags

In a week camping we did not let one single mosquito into our ten (and let me assure you there were tons!).  I have a three and one and a half year old so that is saying something.  Trips into the tent are kept to a minimum and usually reserved for nap times and bed time.  I have a bin outside the tent with stuff we need regular access to like sunscreen, bug repellent, toothbrushes, hats, bathing suits, and flashlights.  Stuff is easier to access outside and you keep the bugs out of your tent with minimal trips.


Solar Lights

These are awesome and cheap.  You can take ones from your yard, or pick some up at Dollarama before you go.  Stick them out in the sun during the day to charge, then at night you can put them around your seating area and/or the edges of your tent so you can see where the tripping spots are.  It is great for checking on sleeping kids too, enough light to see them and like a nightlight, without having to flash your flashlight at them and wake them up.


Don’t forget to bring a flashlight too! Check out these cool flashlights, every camper needs a good flashlight.


Camping Hacks - Going camping is so much fun! But challenging with young kids. Try these Camping Hacks with kids to make your life easier and camping more fun!

What are your camping hacks?  What makes your life easier while camping?

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Camping Hacks - Going camping is so much fun! But challenging with young kids. Try these Camping Hacks with kids to make your life easier and camping more fun!

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Green Onion & Mango Noodles

Green Onion & Mango Noodles - A yummy combination of green onions, mango, noodles, and sweet chili sauce, optional fried tofu is a great addition for a simple yet delicious dinner!

I love Asian food!  Noodles, sesame oil, soy sauce, I love it all.   I really enjoy making different noodle dishes to try out.

Mango & green oinion noodles ingredients

5.0 from 1 reviews
Green onion and mango noodles
Cuisine: Asian
  • 1¼ c of veggie broth (or I veggie stock pouch and 1.5 c of boiling water)
  • 2 tbsp. garlic
  • 3 tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp. rice vinegar
  • 3 tbso Sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • Rice Noodles
  • 1 Mango
  • 2-4 Green Onions
  • Optional: Fried Tofu
  1. Boil water to cook the rice noodles.
  2. Cut up the green onion and mango.
  3. In a stir fry pan add ¾ c of broth, garlic, soy sauce, and rice vinegar.
  4. When it comes to a boil reduce heat and add green onions, sesame oil, and sweet chili sauce.
  5. Let it simmer while the rice noodles cook, as they are cooked use tongs and add them to the stir fry pan. Stir well to incorporate. Add mangos and stir well again.
  6. To add more protein to the dish cut up some tofu cubes and pan fry them. Add them to the noodles after incorporated with the sauce.
  7. Serve.


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This is a hit at my house.  The kids love noodles and mangos so this went over well for us.

Green Onion & Mango Noodles - A yummy combination of green onions, mango, noodles, and sweet chili sauce, optional fried tofu is a great addition for a simple yet delicious dinner! Follow Raising Fairies and Knights’s board Vegetarian Yummys on Pinterest.If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers

Green Onion & Mango Noodles - A yummy combination of green onions, mango, noodles, and sweet chili sauce, optional fried tofu is a great addition for a simple yet delicious dinner!

Epic Water Play Summer Edition

Epic water play summer - Summertime is the perfect time to play outside and enjoy some water play!  Here are some great (free or cheap) ideas to keep the kids busy playing.

As you can tell if you read my winter edition epic water play post, I am a big fan of water play.  It is a  great way to keep kids busy, help them practice different motor skills like pouring and scooping and also just foster their creativity and imagination by playing different things with the water.  You can really spark their imagination when you add in different toys, kitchen utensils, etc. so they can have a chance to make believe what they think it should be used for.

Epic water play summer - Summertime is the perfect time to play outside and enjoy some water play!  Here are some great (free or cheap) ideas to keep the kids busy playing.

Here is my epic water play summer addition:

I think that setting up your outdoor play area is an essential part of summer survival regardless of what age your children are.  Summertime is the perfect chance to be outside and play.  You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of toys out there, but you need to be organized with activities and ideas of things that they should do out there to keep them busy.

I’m going on my third summer with outdoor play being a very important part of our summer plans.  Having a perfectly set up deck has always been essential for me.  Two summers ago I had a toddler and I was pregnant with my second child.  I had a lot of dizziness in my first and even into my second trimester, incredible vertigo where standing up made me so dizzy it was like I was drunk.  I wasn’t even safe to drive most of the time and trying to keep up with the busy active toddler was really difficult as all I want to do was lie on the couch and not move, as I am sure many people can attest to in their pregnancy.  I learned early on that summer how essential it was to keep my daughter busy outside while giving me a place where I could sit and watch her without having to move too much because moving made me dizzy.

I am sure it does not need to be said but you need to be cautious and ensure your child’s skin safety before you go outside to begin with.  When we go out I know we will be outside for a bit, so I try to put sunscreen on, then rash guard bathing suits with long sleeves so we can play outside for hours and not worry as much about getting burned.  None of us go anywhere without our water bottles either. I also try to set up the activities in the shade so they are not in the direct sun.

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Toys I found useful for various activities in our backyard:

  • Little kids pools
  • Water table
  • Big swing set and slide
  • Toddler-size slide and climbing structure
  • Sports equipment (t-ball, foot ball, baseball, soccer ball, etc.)
  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Buckets, cups, of various sizes
  • Random water or bath toys
  • Nets (like on a stick from the dollar store for catching stuff)
  • Bubble wands and solution

Water table

The water table may seem extravagant but for three years it has been a big part of keeping my kids busy outside.  My kids just love playing in the water.  Even though my son was only six months last summer, he loved the water table.  He figured out how to stand up and hold onto it and he could still play with it by “furniture cruising” around the ends of the table.
As with indoor water play, any kind of  waterplay is all about the set up.  If you can be really organized a few days ahead of time that is even better.  If you know the weather is going to be really really hot this is the perfect time to get organized for your waterplay battles.  Take some old yogurt containers and freeze some plastic animals inside.  I went to  the dollar store and bought a whole bunch of animals specifically for this purpose. I freeze the animals in the bottom of the containers of water (you can add food colouring for fun if you want) then when it’s time for us to actually go outside and play I put the frozen containers in some hot water so that it melts a little and I could get the ice out of the container.  I put all the frozen blocks of ice in their table and they can practice trying to get them out with hot water and tools or they can just practice letting it float around the table until the animals float free.  Either way they love the addition of animals throughout their water play to play with as well.

Another idea is to take some ice cubes and color them with food coloring before you freeze them, this will help the water get a dozen different colors.  They can also practice mixing different color ice cubes together and see what color it forms.  Random kitchen utensils also make a lot of fun, as do colanders, whisks (for some reason ??),  measuring spoons and cups.

Water table play

We have water toys dedicated for outdoor play to keep it fresh. I would just let them play for hours out there and they would have a blast. I even set up the blowup pool with cold water and the water table with hot water so they can experience the difference between temperatures. I would fill up parts of the water table with soapy water so they can practice giving animals a bath.  It is also a great way to get them to clean up their own toys.  Sponges are a lot of fun in the water table to see how much it absorbs and try squeezing it out.

All-around water tables are a great way to keep your kids busy in the summertime, especially when they are getting Squirrley towards the witching hour waiting for daddy to come home from work.  This is the best time to stick them in the water outside and have them play for a bit.

water bubble pool

I even fill up the kiddy pool with bubble bath and the kids can have a bath while playing in the pool!  Two activities in one!  We eat most of or meals outside in the summer too and before you know it you have been outside for about four hours enjoying the sun and making it so the fresh air will help them have a nice deep sleep that night.

Water kiddie pool

Some ways to keep the entertainment fresh with a kiddie pool:

  • Using a net scoop up plastic toys, or play fish.
  • Fill up watering cans and water the garden.
  • Scoop up water in cups and pots and pour it into a bucket/water table/etc.
  • Fill up with bubbles and use as a bath time.
  • Have the kids fill up the pool with the hose, it’s great practice aiming.
  • Plastic boats, squirt guns, tons of possibilities for play!

What is your favourite way to keep the kids busy outside?  What activities do you like to use to keep the kids busy?

Epic Water Play Winter Edition - IG

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Epic water play summer - Summertime is the perfect time to play outside and enjoy some water play!  Here are some great (free or cheap) ideas to keep the kids busy playing.


Monthly Crafting Book Club for July – Camping books

This month we decided to focus on camping books since so many are going camping!  Everyone gets to chose whichever children’s book they want to cover this month and do a craft or activity on the book.  We are lookig for bloggers to join us each month, you can choose whether or not to participate, you just need to come up with a craft or activity for kids based on the book and send me the URL and a picture to include in the collage by the 25th of each month.  Join our Facebook group to get updates and find out the next book.

Monthly Crafting Book Club for July - Camping books - I G

I chose to do Froggy Goes To Camp by Jonathan London, a personal favourite of my daughters.  It is a goofy book about a frog going to sleep away camp and it makes my daughter laugh and laugh.  In one of the scenes in the book Froggy and his teacher go kayaking, so we decided to do a kayak as our craft.

Kayak materials

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors, stapler, paint brushes, tape
  • Paint in three colours
  • Chop sticks
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Random animal or people to sit in the kayak (find them around the house)

kayak 2

  • Have the adult cut a hole in the middle of a toilet paper roll so the creature has somewhere to sit.
  • Get your child to help you staple down the end of the toilet paper roll so it closes like the end of a kayak.
  • Have your child choose a color paint and paint the “kayak” their favourite colour.
  • Using the leftover pieces of the toilet paper roll that you cut out of the cockpit, cut it in two and shape it like paddles.  We chose to paint the paddle ends brown.
  • Let it all dry.
  • Once the paddle ends are dry use tape to tape them onto the ends of a chop stick as the paddle.
  • Put your creature in the cockpit (hopefully they fit) and have fun pretending to kayak!!

kayak 1



Monthly Crafting Book Club for July - Camping books - IG


Since everyone is so busy this summer we have one other blogger who participated this month be sure to check out her blog and see what curious George came up with to do this month.

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Can Lantern Title

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Product Review – Duo Diary: A wellness journal for baby and caregiver

Duo Diary Review - IG

I am super excited to be reviewing this cool journal called Duo Diary.  It is a great journal that both mom and baby can use to help them keep track of their daily needs.


I was approached to review this really cool product called the Duo Diary.  Maybe I am just old-fashioned but I still love to write things down and find it easier to view in a journal.  After baby is born it is just easier to write things down in a book so everyone can see it, dad can write things down and keep notes too, as well as baby sitters, and it is easy to show to your midwife or doctor during checkups to see how newborn baby is doing.


I have had a lot of friends suffer from depression pre-baby, PPD (post-partum depression) with baby, as well as anxiety post-baby, which can be quite severe.  Trying to battle depression, or any of these illnesses is awful, especially with a new baby.  It can be so hard to function, your care and well-being goes down the toilet.  You focus all your energy on keeping this new lttle person you created safe, fed, dry, and preferably happy  (aka not cying), if you have older children too……. well…. life is not going to be easy for quite some time for you.

Duo Diary Review - TW

When I first heard about this journal all I could think about was how AMAZING I would be for a mom suffering from PPD (or any of the above anxiety, depression, etc. I will lump it together as PPD for this post to make it easier than writing it out each time) Mom can easily use this journal, and even dad can help her fill stuff in if she is having a hard time with it, to help her track of her needs as well, making it easier to see what is missing and how badly it needs to become a priority.  Dad can look at the journal and see how mom is doing today too, has she only had 2 hours sleep?  Send her for a nap!  Not enough food?  Make her a healthy snack to munch on while being a human milk machine.  Did she get any exercise?  Maybe suggest a walk around the block?  And water, well I think anyone around a breastfeeding mom will make them forever grateful if they just always fill up her water bottle or bring a glass of water when she is nursing, nursing makes you super thirsty and you drink a massive amount of water, keeping her water full (whether with PPD or not) is an incredibly thoughtful and practical thing to do.


This journal has a grid every day to help mom keep track of her food intake, sleep (or lack thereof!), exercise, and water intake.  Plus times for each entry.  There is also a blank section at the bottom for additional notes.  I would probably note  (or ask mom to make note of) when she gets to have a shower so anyone supporting mom can ensure she gets a shower as often as possible.  I know some people with depresson used little happy/sad stickers to keep track of their moods and you could easily put a sticker on the sheet to help mom track her mood as well.  For the first few days after birth it would also help track her painkillers (well can we even CALL Advil and Tylenol post-partum painkillers?) and any anti-depressants they are taking or other medications they may need to track.


On to baby, the reason I am sure this journal was primarily made, everyone has to keep track of baby stuff when they have a newborn.  The midwife or doctor will ask you almost daily for the first week how much baby is sleeping, are they feeding (whether breast or bottle), how many wet or soiled diapers they have a day, etc. You can track all this in your journal, plus a blank note section to calculate any extras you need.  I had issues nursing my daughter and had to keep track of whether she fell asleep at the breast, if I ended up using a nipple shield, etc.  This would have been a great spot to track our use of the shield and progress at getting her back on the nipple afterwards.  How does the umbilical stump look?  When did it fall off?  Are the poops still meconium or have they moved to the mustard seed kind yet? Any mini milestones?  All information you can track in your journal and information the doctor or midwife will need to know.


I had a 21-month-old when I had my second son, appointments with my midwife where chaotic to say the least.  Being able to just hand her this journal so she could see for herself exactly how we were doing would have made both our lives much easier.  Also, any question’s I had that came up I could write in the journal to remember to ask her next time we talked would have been great as well.


You get the picture, this is a really cool tool that can make a new mom (or a second time new mom’s) life much easier, keeps everything in the same place, helps dad understand what’s going on and any other caregivers supplying back-up to mom, and a BIG help to anyone suffering from PPD to make their life easier to track their symptoms and help ensure they are taking care of themselves too.



If you would like to buy this super useful journal  for yourself (not just for newborns!) or as a gift for an expecting mom in the future (especially if you know they have suffered with anxiety or depression before, make it easier from the start!), check out HERE where you can buy it.  I even have a coupon code FAIRIES10 to use at checkout and get 10% off (plus they are currently running a summer sale, 10% off in addition to the sale price).

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Breastfeeding Caddy

A gift for a pregnant friend: a breastfeeding caddy!  All things to help her while breastfeeding, a receiving blanket, nursing pads, newborn diapers, diaper cream, nipple cream, stretch mark cream, and a book and activity book to keep her toddler busy while she is nursing.  All held together perfectly in Thirty-One’s Double Duty Caddy and of course featuring the Duo Diary so mom and baby can track their habits easily.

Duo Diary Review - PT

If you were going to use a journal after baby, what would you want to be tracking?


DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post, I received compensation for sharing my opinion on this cool product.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming, the time of year when you can show your wife, your mother, your mother in law, your grandma, your daughter (who may be a mother) exactly how much you appreciate her and support all of her efforts in such a hard job.  Being a mother is not the only hard job I know of, but being a mother is incredibly difficult, no sleep, no sick days, no vacation, no time alone even if it’s to go to the bathroom or shower, you work very long long days sometimes never alone for days or weeks at a time even while sleeping.  The holiday changes with your kids ages, but for me having a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I am in the thick of being a “mombie” with no sleep, and Mother’s Day is one of my new favourite holidays.  I think it is important to support all the other mothers in your lives, friends, mother-in-law, your own mother, all mothers deserve a day to know that they are loved.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

Here are some gifts any mother would love to get:

A Mother's Day Gift Guide for all ages! Click To Tweet

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Mom rarely has time to spend on herself, why not get her a pedicure and manicure!  It may not be possible for her to go out somewhere and get it done.  Jamberry is super cool and easy to use and mom can do it at home while the kids are napping or running around her feet.  If she has a daughter, you can get matching Mommy & Me Jamberry nails!

You can order them here

Monthly Subscription


I got panty by post for my birthday and I absolutely love it.  It’s so fun to know that every month you have a new pair of panties coming your way. I don’t really have time to shop for underwear, I consider my underwear that I bought two years ago to still be my “new underwear” so to get a new pair in the month is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for the beginning of the month and check my mailbox eagerly for the first few days until I get my package. You name what size you need and you have three different styles you can choose from, the basic collection, the signature collection, and the premium collection, based on your kinds of taste.  It’s so fun to get something new, I get so excited knowing that I have something pretty that I get to wear because I don’t normally get to splurge on myself or pick up things like that so it is a great treat to get the woman in your life.

Check them out here


New Purse or bag
I know being a mother, you frequently have to lug around a whole bunch of things and don’t always get to pick up the prettiest items for yourself.  I got this bag two months ago and it is so beautiful and I love going out and try and actually dress up just so I can match the bag.  If I have to lug around diapers, wipes, change of clothes and toys, let it be in something pretty that doesn’t feel like a “mom bag”.

Check out some bags here

I miss my body (5)

A great way to help her relax, aid congestion, calm down the kids, etc.  I LOVE my diffuser and use it daily.  If the mother in your life is interested in holistic healing, essential oils, aromatherapy, or things along those lines then a diffuser is the perfect gift for her.

Check out where I got mine here

I miss my body (11)


Help make her see that she is putting effort into living healthy by getting her a tool that helps with tracking your fitness and motivating you to put in those few extra steps each day.  It is also great to use as a sleep tracker so she can see how much sleep she gets and adjust from there, whether knowing she needs to go to sleep earlier, seek help to let her have a nap, or just be more lenient on herself knowing she is sleep deprived.

You can get it here

I miss my body (7)


A new baby carrier!  Baby carriers are a super fun gift and a practical one as well.  Baby wearing can make it easier to get shopping done, chores around the house, cooking and of course going for walks and getting some fresh air.  The type of baby carier is specific to each woman, so if you know there is one she has been eyeing you can surprise her with it, or just tell her that’s what you want to get her and allow her the fun of picking the perfect carrier and print.

This is my favourite company to buy from here

I miss my body (9)


Take mom shoe shopping to get a new pair of comfy shoes, maybe fancy, or practical, something to help keep her feet comfy while she is chasing after kids all summer.  A new pair of sandals goes a long way in in comfort.

I miss my body (8)

Make a cute craft with the kids for mom.   In my house I am usually the one making crafts with the kids and cute little pictures or crafts for daddy, mommy may not have a chance to get these cute gifts herself yet so why not spend some time with the kids making her a surprise craft.  Bonus, this also gives mom a chance to shower or have a bath not knowing you are making her a surprise.

I miss my body (10)


My mom’s favourite was going to the nursery on mother’s day and getting flowers to come home and plant with us. One year my dad got her a crab apple tree. She loved it, it flowers every year around mother’s day and is a constant reminder of her family.

We also loved doing activities with her, movie date, pedicures together, picnic, etc. Why add to the clutter with more stuff, experiences last longer and are wonderful memories. My mom and I used to go to Stars On Ice together as my mother’s day present to her. It was always really fun.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

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So put on your thinking cap and think of what mom really needs, then ignore that and get her something fun she wants, or should want!


What are your favourite frivolous gifts to get mom for mother’s day?


Disclaimer:  I reviewed a pair of panties for panty by post, but have been a customer of theirs for seven months, otherwise these are NOT affiliate links, this is where I got my products and I love it so I am recommending it.  I have received no compensation and these companies even know I am recommending them!




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Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

Share the Love on Mother’s Day

Share the love on Mother's day - Every mom should feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day, share the love on Mother's Day to the mom's in your life, friends, relatives. Free printable.

DSC_0059When I had my first baby a good friend of mine sent me a Mother’s Day card in the mail.  It made my MONTH!  I was so excited to be a Mother and always found Mother’s Day to be a hard holiday when I desperately wanted to be a mom too.  Now I was finally celebrating Mother’s Day with my own treasured baby.  Nothing could be more perfect.  I was RIDICULOUSLY excited about my first Mother’s Day, we’re talking kids on Christmas morning here.  I had problem’s sleeping the night before I was so pumped.  The day came and it was perfect!  I got to celebrate with my husband and baby, even though it was raining we had a great floor picnic and just loved our time together.

Being a mom is really HARD.  I am sorry, but until you are a mom, you have no idea what we go through.  Sleep deprivation does not even begin to adequately describe my state, colic, teething babies, PPD, toddlers, tantrums, breastfeeding, solids, fevers, relationships, illness, careers, all of it is so hard and although you know your kids love you and your husband appreciates it, there is nothing as supportive as your fellow moms.  They are there for you through thick and thin, your biggest high’s and lowest lows, whether your local moms, birth groups, friends, relatives, etc. They know what you go through and have your back.

I will never forget the feeling I got from opening my first Mother’s Day card from my friend.  Ever since that year, I make it my mission to share that love and support with other mothers.  I pick three to six moms I know.  I try to pick a pregnant mom, one from each of my birth groups, my picking selection is pretty broad actually.  I don’t even remember who all I have sent them too.  Oops, if I send you more than one Mother’s Day card, sorry, you just must be THAT awesome of a mom!

Share the love on Mother's day - Every mom should feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day, share the love on Mother's Day to the mom's in your life, friends, relatives. Free printable.

I challenge you to pick some mom’s in your life and send them a card for Mother’s Day thanking them for Mother's Day Happy Mailall their hard work for their children too.  Every mother needs to hear what a great mom she is on a regular basis, think of some moms who need or deserve to hear it and send them a card.  You can leave it at that and send them just a card, or add something to it as a special gift.  One year I sent chocolate bars and face masks as a mini-spa pack, I sent Tim Horton’s gift cards another year, Starbucks cards another year, cute small things to let them know they are appreciated.

If you need a card here is a free printable to use as a card, you can buy a card, but I know I prefer to spend more on the little surprise inside instead 🙂

Happy Mother's Day Printable single

Please comment below with other ideas of little presents I can easily mail that don’t cost a fortune!  I am always looking for new ideas.

Share the love on Mother's day - Every mom should feel appreciated and loved on Mother's Day, share the love on Mother's Day to the mom's in your life, friends, relatives. Free printable.

If you are participating in the #connectingchallenge for April this is a great way to send out more cards to friends and family to brighten up their day.  If you just want to send a card, you could always try sending one via the FELT app (check out my post below for more info if you want to hear more).

Friends and Family Connecting Challenge - IG

If you are reading this and want to be considered or to nominate someone head on over to my Facebook page and tag your nominee in the post so I can add your name into the selection to receive a card or surprise in the mail.

If you are a mom and reading this, YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!  Thank you for all your hard work and know that you are making a difference in your family’s life!

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Everything Kids Link Party Week #11



Welcome to Everything Kids Link and Pin Party

I am so excited to announce that I am now a co-host for the Everything Kids Link and Pin Party!  I have been linking up at this party since it started as Made For Kids and I am stoked to now be a co-host.

If you’re joining us for the first time this week, you may like to read all the details about how this hybrid link and pin party works. You can do so HERE.

Meet & Follow Your Hostesses

Play Dough & Popsicles

Books and Giggles

Raising Fairies and Knights


Hostess Features

When we weren’t busy putting together this new party this past week,
we were working hard on these crafts & learning activities.

hostess feature


Books and Giggles

How to Entertain Kids Who Get Carsick {Road Trip Survival Guide}

The Secret to Figuring Out What Your Child is Learning in School

Raising Fairies and Knights

Friends & Family Connecting Challenge

Dr. Seuss’s ABC “T” Handprint Painting

Play Dough & Popsicles

Monster Math: A Dice Simple Math Game

How To Create A Recycled Cardboard Toy Castle


All About Everything Kids

What’s the Same

If you’ve been visiting our previous party, Made for Kids, you’ll find some things still the same. You can still link up the same types of posts, plus we’ve added parenting to the list. We’ll still be commenting on our favorites, and you still have a chance to be featured.

What’s New

The biggest change is that we’ll all be pinning your posts like crazy! Your hostesses will be pinning this week’s posts. You’ll be re-pinning your favorite 3 pins from last week. We’ll all be commenting on our favorites.

How It Works – From Your Point of View

You’ll link up your posts in inLinkz by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. Take a look at the new linkups and comment on your favorite if you have time.

Then, you’ll return to this page and click on the Pinterest link featured here. Choose and re-pin your favorite 3 pins, and if you have time leave at least 1 comment too. 3 Pins are required. Comments are optional but encouraged.

How It Works – From Our Point of View

We have two different Everything Kids Pinterest boards that we’ll alternate. I know, that seems, umm, a little unusual, but bear with me here as I explain.

Every week, we’ll go through the linkup and pin each post that fits our guidelines (listed below). We’ll pin them onto the board for the next week. The Pinterest board featured in today’s post features pins from last week (We used the final week of Made for Kids to start off).

We’ll look to see what has the most re-pins by the end of the week. Next week, we’ll feature the top two, plus two hostess favorites as well.


Hostess Favorites

Most Repinned

Mickey Mouse Cake: An Easy Birthday Idea from Kenarry

Spring Activities for Toddlers from My Bored Toddler

Hostess Favorites

Blow Dart Painting from the Science Kiddo

White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe from Sugar, Spice, and Family Life

If you are featured, please grab a button. You deserve it!

Raising Fairies and Knights

Guidelines and Rules

We’d love to see your favorite posts focused on kids ages 0-9 that fit into the following categories:

  • Crafts for kids
  • Activities to do with kids
  • Learning activities
  • Family-friendly recipes
  • Parenting

We’ll pin most posts that have a vertical, pinnable image. We won’t be pinning homeschool printable packs, or anything religious or political, but you’re welcome to share them on the linkup.

Please Repin!
We feel that adding the element of Pinterest to our link party helps everyone by adding extra promotion! Please take a few minutes to repin three of your favs!

We have some simple rules…

1. Link up to 3 of your own posts (that you haven’t previously linked up).
2. Re-pin 3 pins from the Everything Kids Pinterest board featured in this post (required).
3. Please follow your hostesses on social media.
4. By entering your link, you are giving us permission to feature an image on our blogs and social media. Proper credit will always be given.

Raising Fairies and Knights

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Linkup your Posts



rules for linking

 Loading InLinkz ...

Re-Pin Your Favorites

To kick off Everything Kids, we’ve pinned a bunch of our favorites from last week’s Made for Kids linkup. That way we get to “begin as we mean to continue” and it’s easier for you to understand what you’ll be doing every week.
Re-pin your favorites on the Everything Kids board on Pinterest.


If you have any questions about this new format, or any comments at all about this all new link and pin party, please let us know, either in a comment below or via our social media.


We can’t wait to see and share all your posts!



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