5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children

5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date - Are you too tired to have an evening date?  You need 4 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children, date in the morning while the kids play.


How many of you are parents to young children?  People who are super busy? Maybe don’t work the same shifts very often.  Well here are 5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children, easy dates to do at home in the morning over coffee to spend some quality time together, while still minding children.

I used to have a monthly series on my blog called the Date Night Challenge, all date ideas you can do at home once the kids are in bed.  The idea was sometimes parents don’t have a chance to get out of the house very often, but you should still have a chance to connect.  Doing dates once the kids are in bed is a great way to still have a chance to see each other and still get quality time.  Well ironically enough, I had to stop doing that series because frankly we were too tired at the end of the day.  Movie date nights are pretty much the norm in this house and not exactly a lot of scope to blog about. But they are a perfectly acceptable way to connect and relax at the end of a long day working and chasing young children.

How to connect on a Weekend morning

A new tradition has been developed on Sunday mornings, we have coffee or tea, and play some games.  Doing our quality time and dates in the morning is easier on us, we are both alert and have energy so we are able to do more together.   The thing is, we have little children, so whatever we do can’t have a million pieces, take a long time to set-up or take-down.  Unless, they happen to be going to the park for an hour with Grandpa, then we can.

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Here are 5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children:



A new personal favourite of ours to play together.  The kids do like the colourful stones, but it’s easy to play even with distractions.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

My amazing hubby bought me a travel (I think, it’s awfully small and doesn’t have a game board) Harry Potter Trivia.  Poor guy had no idea what he was in for, like he could possibly beat me at Harry Potter trivia!  It was an amazing gift and we love playing it now.


Mille Bourne

Card games

We like Mille Bourne, not too many cards to set up and the games chttp://www.raisingfairiesandknights.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=6710&action=editan be super short.  We usually only play one or two hands, not the whole game to 5000 points.  I like cribbage as well for ease of playing and being to play only a few hands at a time.

Board Games

Board Games

We like Monopoly and Settlers of Catan, but there are a lot of pieces, so we have to make sure the kids are distracted for awhile and we play a shorter version.


If Books

If Books

My sister uses these as wedding presents, a great way to open up conversations with people and connect on a different level.  Usually, with questions you wouldn’t even think of asking normally.  Such as, if you could have a dinner with three people, anyone alive or dead, who would they be.  If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go.  They are a really fun way to discover what someone is thinking about something when you may not know otherwise.


What are your favourite ways to connect with your partner while the kids are around and you are home?  Any fun ways to spend quality time while exhausted and on no sleep?

5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date - Are you too tired to have an evening date?  You need 4 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children, date in the morning while the kids play.

I used to do a blog series called Date Night Challenge, check out some of these easy date night ideas below.



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5 Games to play on a Breakfast Date - Are you too tired to have an evening date? You need 4 Games to play on a Breakfast Date with Young Children, date in the morning while the kids play.

The Best Games You’re Not Playing Vol. 2

Welcome back game lovers. Today I’m going to introduce you to a few more of my favorite games. HedBanz was one of my favorite games growing up and I have since seen versions of it used as ice breakers for people of all ages. I will also talk about Ticket to Ride, an adult strategy game. Lastly we will take a look at the party games Apples to Apples and the adult counterpart Cards Against Humanity. Any of these would be a great addition to your games nights.

The Best Games You’re Not Playing Vol 2

Game: HedBanz (1991)

  • Price Point: $15-20
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Recommended age: 7+
  • Time to play: 15-30 min

HedBanz has been around since I was a kid. It’s pretty straight forward, 11868697_10154225766249478_1549395040_nyou have a plastic headband on and to start the game each person puts one of the 75 mystery cards in the clip on their head band. You cannot see what card is showing on your own head. By asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, with the help of the other players, you must figure out what the card on your head is showing. It could be an animal, food or man-made object. With fun cards like unicorn, flower, hamburger or shark it’s a classic that the whole family will enjoy!

Game: Ticket to Ride (2004)

  • Price Point: ~$50-6011930719_10154225766019478_51158678_n
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Recommended age: 10+
  • Time to play: 60-90 min

Ticket to Ride is a strategic game that is played on a board of a giant map. There are different locations featured on the map depending on which edition you buy. Hil has the Europe version but my geography is so bad I spend half the game looking up locations so I prefer the Canada/USA map. Each player has a different colored set of trains and receives destination cards with route goals on them. The point of the game is to use your trains to connect locations on the map that match the destination goals of your specific routes. For example I may have a card that give me the route Toronto to Washington, I would find Toronto and Washington on the map and try to claim the spaces connecting these locations with my colored trains. Put your thinking hat on this is a fun strategy game for all! Check you YouTube for a more detailed description.

Game: Apples to Apples 1999 (Cards Against Humanity 2009 (CAH) is the Adult Version)

  • Price Point: Apples to Apples ~$30, Apples to Apples Jr ~$30, Cards Against Humanity $30+ (there are many expansion packs for CAH, even some special holiday packs you can buy)
  • Number of players: Apples 2-6 players, CAH ideally 5+ players
  • Recommended age: Apples and Apples Jr 9+, CAH is an ADULT game!
  • Time to play: 30+

11911553_10154225766939478_2059692833_nAlthough these games come from different manufacturers they are very similar. Each player has a hand of cards and one by one players take turns being the ‘judge’. The person judging the round will take a Black card (in CAH) or Green card (in Apples) and read it aloud to the group. A card may have a phase or a word like “Legendary”. The players must look at the cards in their hands and select one they think works well with the card “Legendary”. 11909859_10154225766274478_555622403_nTrying to appeal to your judges personal tastes and interests is a major part of the game. The judge collects the cards face down and will select the winning card for that single round and that person will get one point.   The judge can choose any card for any reason as the winner of the round; funny, ironic, anything goes. Then the honor will pass to the player on his/her left to be the ‘judge’ for the next round. In Apples to Apples, which is a family friendly game, you will have cards like Silly, Amazing or Disgusting. And the cards in your hand may say something like Pickles, Bigfoot or Batman. So you better believe if I was judging ‘Amazing’ and you gave me a ‘Batman’ card you would be getting the point that round. However if my sister Hil was judging you may be better off giving her a card that says ‘Tofu’ 😉


Cards Against Humanity is described as a party game for horrible people so keep this game for friends who are not easily offended. Instead of tame cards like “amazing” in A2A, CAH will have a question or fill in the blank that when combined with the white cards in your hand can get quite wild. THIS IS NOT A FAMILY GAME! I played this once with my parents and when my mom got the card “during sex I like to think about_______” I realized I made a grave mistake! Be prepared for answer cards that say “homeless people”, “Old People Smell”, “AIDS” or even “PacMan guzzling cum”. Combine Cards Against Humanity with a glass of wine and your silliest friends for an evening full of laughter.

What are your favourite games to play with friends or while enjoying a fun night?

The Best Games You’re Not Playing Vol. 1

The Best Games You’re Not Playing Vol 1

Picture 027 (2)In our house growing up Friday night was family game night. So from a young age I have been an avid lover of board games.   If our extended family has a family dinner you can bet games will be involved.   I was even lucky to have a friend who managed a board game store in Montreal and organized part of my wedding registry for games in the store.

Board games are not what they used to be. In fact many of my pics 1622favorite childhood classics (Sorry, Trouble, Risk and Monopoly) don’t hold a candle next to some of the new stuff out there.   For this post I will cover Roll and Play a Toddler game, Settlers of Catan a massive cult classic strategic adult game and Telestrations my new favorite silly party game.

Game: Settlers of Catan (Published 1995)

IMG_6064Price Point: ~$40-50 for 2-4 person game

Expansion to make it a 5-6 player game: another $20-30

Recommended Age Range: 10+

Time to play: ~90 min

If you are just hearing about the Settlers or Catan you have been greatly missing out! This game is good for 4 people. There are also many versions of the game and expansion packs available. I personally own the 5-6 player expansion for the original version. This game has a very unique board that consists of randomly placing tiles together that represent an undeveloped piece of land. Every game you have a different board, which changes the game strategy each time. Each player has a designated color for their roads, villages (small houses), and settlements (big houses). One of my favorite things about this game is that while other players are taking their turns you are still involved. At the start of a turn each player rolls a dice and whoever has built on a tile with that number collects the associated resource.   So even if it is not your turn, and you did not roll a ‘6’, if another player rolls a ‘6’ everybody built around a ‘6’ collect resources. The point is to collect resources and out build your competitors.   Different buildings and tasks give you victory points and 10 victory points win! Want a more in depth tutorial? Check out youtube!

Game: Roll & Play (2012)

Price Point: ~$30IMG_6062

Age Range: 18 month +

Time to play: as long as your toddlers attention span!

Roll and Play by ThinkFun is a very cute game that I have played with Bee when she was just under 2 with her parents and grandparents. It’s comes with cards and a big colored dice. Bee loved to toss the dice for us and we would take the card associated with that color.   However we did have a moment of confusion when we told Bee to roll the dice and she would lie down on top of it and roll over…… we changed our vocabulary to ask her to ‘toss’ the dice! The cards have tasks to complete like “make a happy face” or “Moo like a cow”. It was a great first game to play that helps Bee practice taking turns and have some silly fun while doing it.

Game: Telestrations (2009)

Price Point: 25-40$ depending on number of players you chooseIMG_6065

Number of players: 4-12 depending on which version you buy, you get a wipe erase book per player

Recommended Age: 13+ (I think this could go a bit lower if you have a strong reader)

Time to play: 30 min

My new favorite party game! This game is basically broken telephone combined with Pictionary. Each player gets a booklet with a dry erase marker. To start the game you write your secret word on the front page of your booklet. Lets say my word is ‘Sunglasses’. I pass my booklet to the person sitting on my left (Dude 1) and they see my secret word, he flips to the next page in the booklet and tries to draw my secret word: sunglasses. Dude 1 passes his picture to the person sitting on his left (Dude 2) who sees only the drawing drawn by Dude 1 (and NOT the secret word). Dude 2 must look at the picture, flip the page and write a guess for what Dude 1 drew. And so it continues! This is a great silly, easy going game that I think you will love too!

What are your favourite board games?

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