Monthly Crafting Book Club for August – Back to School Books

Monthly Crafting Book Club for Aug - School Books - It's time for back to school! This Monthly Crafting Book for August is focusing on Back to School books with crafts to make reading more fun with your kids!

Every month I gather a group of bloggers together to participate in the Monthly Crafting Book Club, a great way to encourage kids to read by incorporating a craft (or activity) to go along with the book.  If you are a blogger and want to join us join our Facebook group to see the upcoming books you can choose to participate in. Check out some of our past ones:

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Pete the Cat Rocking School Shoes - IG

This month in the Monthly Crafting Book Club we are focussing on books related to back to school.  There are so many AMAZING back to school books that it is way more fun to see what everyone comes up with then by all doing the same  book.

After visiting the lirary and browsing their selection of books my daughter fell in love with Pete the Cat and his Rocking School Shoes.  In 24 hours I have had to read it at least 10 times…….. Thank goodness it’s a library book and goes back in a few weeks!  Anyways, after reading it I knew a craft with Pete’s red shoes would be PERFECT!  So we decided to get messy and do a painting activity for Pete’s red shoes.

Pete the Cat - Rocking in my school shoes - Come read the book and make the fun craft with your toddler/preschooler/child.


  • Pete the Cat Book
  • BIG paper, or a roll of paper
  • red paint
  • A marker
  • Rain boots
  • A bucket
  • Plastic plate
  • Soap
  • Optional: a kiddy pool all set up…..


First we filled up a bucket with soap and I got the kids to wash their boots, clean boots are important for painting with them.  While the kids did that I filled up their kiddy pool for easy washing once they are done getting messy.


I chose to use rain boots instead of flip flops or running shoes because my kids are little and rain boots won’t be as slippery, plus it won’t ruin their shoes.


I put a plate on the floor with red paint, then had them step in the paint with their boots and dance around the paper to make their cool cat rocking shoe foot print.


They were having so much fun we also tried one without the boots in their bare feet in the paint.  They loved that too!  Squishy, squashy, messy fun!

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When they were done we wrote a fun quote from the book on the paper and hung it up to dry.  Now for swimming bath time fun!

Pete the Cat - Rocking in my school shoes - It's time for back to school! This Monthly Crafting Book for August is focusing on Back to School books with crafts to make reading more fun with your kids!


I love this activity as even my one and a half year old son can easily participate too.  My three year old daughter gets stimulated but so does my son.  It can be hard to find activities that they will both enjoy and painting, especially with boots, is such an easy and fun one!

What is your favourite back to school book?

Monthly Crafting Book Club for Aug - School Books - It's time for back to school! This Monthly Crafting Book for August is focusing on Back to School books with crafts to make reading more fun with your kids!

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Pete the Cat - Rocking in my school shoes - pt

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I cannot believe it but my baby is starting preschool!  Bee is two-and-a-half years old and this is the first time that she is really going to be away from me for any length of time on a regular basis.  Being a stay at home mom who also works from home means I have the luxury of being with my children all the time.  I love watching her grow and learn new things.  She is such a bright little girl and as much as I want to teach her I know she needs to be taught by others too.  It will only help her learn more.

She needs a chance to socialize with other children, learn to take her turn, discover problem-solving with other children while fighting over the same toy, learn how to  take direction and listen to other adults, follow a classroom schedule and most importantly know that she will be ok without me all the time.  That last one will be harder for me, it is a scary idea knowing she will not be with me all the time to protect her and keep her safe.  I know she will do great though; although, it will be an adjustment for the whole family.


To help get her ready for preschool I tried a few of the following:

  • Visited a few preschools so she got used to them and got an idea of what “school” is.
  • Had a few playdates with other kids in her class so she had some friends when she started and she didn’t feel so alone.
  • I got a few books about starting school and we started reading them to her.
  • I signed her up for an independent two-year-old gymnastics class so she had a taste of going into a class setting without me and a structured schedule while listening to another teacher.
  • We had a meet-the-teacher meeting and she got a chance to meet her teacher ahead of time, check out the classroom again and start to get excited about starting school soon.
  • We talked a lot about going to school and how she would be going on her own and mommy & daddy wouldn’t be there with her.

preschool-scenery-1-1565828-639x425Overall, I hope we did enough to prepare her and get her set.  Please cross your fingers for her first day on Wednesday in the hopes it goes well.  Also, send calming mommy vibes my way, I have never dropped her of somewhere (not a relatives) and driven away from her leaving her on her own.  It feels so weird!  It will be a coin toss who handles it better.

How did you feel when your baby started school?  Any other tips I can do to prepare her before Wednesday?

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