Summer Rolls

Summer Rolls

Another one of my favourite things to make, anything with rice paper!  I could eat these every day, it’s like a delicious salad in a fun rice paper pocket.  This just screams summer to me.  I like to serve these at gatherings, either by making it in advance to serve at parties, or let the guests assemble it themselves so they can choose their favourite ingredients.

If you are having guests make it themselves make sure you have lots of containers to soak the rice paper (one per two people) and ensure the guests wash their hands before using a communal dish to soak.  Everyone really enjoyed this though and had a lot of fun experimenting on their favourite combinations.

Summer roll ingredients

These are all our favorite ingredients, but you are welcome to adapt based on your families preferences.

Assembly of summer rolls

Assembly of summer rolls


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Summer Rolls
  • •Rice paper
  • •Vermicelli noodles - cooked
  • •Green onions - chopped
  • •Red pepper - sliced
  • •Mushroom- Sliced
  • •Cucumber - sliced in half moons or sticks
  • •Bean Sprouts - washed
  • •Alfalfa sprouts
  • •Lettuce - washed, chopped, etc.
  • •Cabbage/coleslaw mix
  • •Mango - sliced
  • •Avocado - sliced
  • •Water chestnuts - sliced
  • •Mint, basil or cilantro leaves
  1. Stick all ingredients in bowls or arrange on a plate and assemble at will.
  2. If you haven't made rice paper before I use a square baking dish (like the kind you make brownies in) fill it with hot water and stick a rice paper in to soften. Leave it for a few minutes until it is pliable and soft. Then I add in another to soak while I assemble that one.
  3. I sometimes like to put the sauce right in the roll to maximize my sauce to roll ratio.
  4. Put your desired fillings in the roll.
  5. Roll them like a burrito or fajita (smack the stuff in the middle, pull up the bottom, roll it sideways and pull the top down) but I always put in too much filling and it explodes all over my hands in a nice gooey mess.
  6. Drown in your favourite sauce, I like peanut sauce (recipe posted two weeks ago, link on the picture below) and enjoy a nice healthy meal.

My goal this summer is to work on adding some protein to this dish.  We have added veggie dogs to them and that was tasty, I tried to marinate tofu in the peanut sauce then bake in the oven and it was pretty good.  I think I will try that again.  

Peanut Sauce

What is your favourite thing to put in rice paper rolls?

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      Hil says:

      Thanks for checking out my recipe! It is so easy and cheap to make at home, but then it’s hard to buy them when you go out as you know how you can make them for so much cheaper at home!

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    rebecca says:

    I love the simplicity of summer rolls. It’s all about the right dipping sauce. I, too, am partial to peanut sauce though the mother of the owner of a Philipino restaurant I managed taught me to make a sweetened garlic dipping sauce that sometimes hits the spot as well.
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