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I am so excited to be working with Angela from Hoo Happiness to review some DoTerra Essential Oils.

I absolutely love essential oils.  I think there are so many things you can use them for and they have such a wide variety of possibilities.  Between using them in candles or a diffuser, making things out of them (like roller balls or bath bombs), so many possibilities and  I love to be creative.  I was really excited to get a chance to try out these different blends and try to make my own concoctions with them.

I am lucky enough to review the “Spa” package from DoTerra.  I had no idea what I was in for, I should have been way more excited as these oils are amazing.  They are so versatile and can be used for so many different things.  The Spa Package consists of Balance, Citrus Bliss, Deep Blue, and Serenity Calming.  I also got a bonus oil of Peppermint, which is honestly in my top two most used oils.

DoTerra Essential Oil Review - A review of the DoTerra Essential Oils Spa Kit. Serenity, citrus blend, deep blue, grounding, and a bonus peppermint.


Balance Blend is a great blend for anxiety.  Unfortunately, I have suffered from anxiety a great portion of my life so I find this blend really soothing.  I look forward to having it around when I need some help relaxing and I believe it will help.


Citrus Blend

Citrus Blend is a great uplifting scent.  I keep it at my desk to smell in the afternoons when I am falling asleep and it helps me stay alert.

Balance Bliss mix

I made a rollerball with a combination of the Balance and Citrus blends and use it when my preschooler and I are at the end of our ropes.  We both put some on our wrists and practice deep breathing, it can help me calm down and reign in my temper, and distract her and help her calm down too.



Serenity is the perfect scent for me to diffuse in my bedroom at bedtime to help make it a more relaxing environment.  I really enjoy the scent of vanilla and lavender, those are two of my favorite scents, which makes this blend very soothing to me and really succeeds in helping me relax at night.  I would probably use this as an anxiety blend as well, but that’s more because vanilla and lavender are soothing scents to me.

Deep Blue

My favorite one is the deep blue, I have back problems and unfortunately pinched my sciatic nerve about seven years ago, so using the deep blue means I can make my own formula, which is kind of like A535, but a lot more natural and also cheaper as well.  I think I have used this blend every day for almost a month now.  It may not get rid of all my pain, but it does help me move around a little bit more.


Peppermint is my most used oil, or at least up there with lavender, it is great for headaches, nausea, pretty much everything.   Angela recommended that I use peppermint along with the deep blue to help it reach the muscles even more.

Although I had heard of DoTerra before this, I had never actually tried out any of the oils or blends.  I am very pleased with my experience with them and I would highly recommend them to everyone.  The spa package is such a fun mix of grounding, pain relief, muscle relaxants, stimulant, and anxiety reducing, it really has a mix of everything in it I think you should definitely try this out.

Come back soon and look for more essential oils (EO) posts, how I use these oils, different ways to incorporate it into your daily life, and other things you can make with them.

DoTerra Essential Oil Review - A review of the DoTerra Essential Oils Spa Kit. Serenity, citrus blend, deep blue, grounding, and a bonus peppermint.

I absolutely loved working with Angela from DoTerra.  She was amazing and ready to help in any way she could.  She had lots of tips and advice on how to use these oils, and other oils I had as well. You should follow her on Instagram to see great inspirational quotes and updates.  Her Pinterest account is chalk full of amazing EO recipes, living life as best as you can, healthy recipes, and lots more.  Angela also has a Facebook group devoted to creating a life filled with health, wellness, and happiness.  She has Twittter as well with other updates you may be interested in, lots of stuff on Periscope, so make sure you follow her on some social media to ensure you do not miss out on all her amazing tips.

If you need any essential oils, especially blends, then I recommend getting in touch with Angela for more information (all her links are below).  Especially the Spa package, I really love it!  I am worried I am going to run out soon that is how much I have used it already!


Angela has a really cool challenge starting on February 22, check out the link above to sign up and get more information.  I’m signed up and cannot wait to start!

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Disclaimer: I was given these oils for the purpose of reviewing (cue ecstatic dance),  I did not receive compensation in anyway and all opinions are my own, I only recommend products I actually enjoy.

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DoTerra Essential Oil Review - A review of the DoTerra Essential Oils Spa Kit. Serenity, citrus blend, deep blue, grounding, and a bonus peppermint.

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