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If you have not heard of Outlander you are missing out!  Outlander is an amazing series my mom got me hooked on when I was 13 and I’ve been reading the series ever since.  There are eight books in the series and I am a eagerly awaiting the ninth book.

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Starzz came out with an Outlander miniseries for TV last year and I was ecstatic my love for Jamie and Claire could not be denied any more.  What better way to celebrate their love and my obsession with Scotland than by watching Outlander.  Season two is scheduled to premier in a few weeks on Saturday April 9.

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Here is an amazing photo gallery showcasing some of the amazing costumes for the upcoming season.

If like me you have been going through Jamie and Claire withdrawals here are some things that you can do to help get you ready and excited for the premiere of the second season of the show.

Read the Outlander SeriesRead the books! If you have not read the books you have been seriously missing out.  If you think the TV show is awesome just wait until you read the books; eight full novels of Jamie and Claire adventures spanning over 50 years.  Honestly one of the best literary series ever in my opinion.  Start off with book one, which was covered last season where they are in Scotland and continue on to book two, Dragonfly in Amber, which they are starting shortly, set mostly in France.

Re-watch Season 1Re-watching season one is the best way to get ready for season two.

Colour the Outlander Colouring Book

Get yourself the Outlander coloring book, also the perfect way to pass the time while you’re watching the show, you can color in scenes from the show

Standing Stones at Machrie Moore1 Take a trip to Scotland and see some of the sites from Outlander, at least that’s what I did on my honeymoon.  My wonderfully tolerant husband allowed me to drag him to so many Outlander sites.  Culloden FieldThere’s so many things to see in Scotland related to the novel, the Highlands, Edinburgh, Fraser Castle,  Inverness, Loch Ness, Craig na Dun (or any standing stone circle),  the battle of Culloden field, Fort William, and tons more.If you can’t take a trip to Scotland because it’s a month away before the show starts, is too expensive and you just don’t live close, why not take a trip through your computer and just look up the beautiful sites on the net.  It’s a cheaper and easier way to get the Scottish feel without actually being there.

Scotch tastingDrink some Scotch!  They mention Glenfiddich in the book, but that definitely isn’t my favorite kind of scotch.  You could definitely get the Scottish feel of the Highlands by drinking a very good scotch.  My personal preference (influenced strongly by my husband) would be Macallan 18, but I’m also a big fan of Arran Gold, which I cannot get in Canada (I need more!). What’s your scotch of choice?  Comment below so I can try out some new ones.

Get your man to wear a kiltConvince your man to wear a kilt, if needed promise him some benefits afterwards.   Honestly there’s nothing more awesome than a man in a kilt, plaid, camo, or other colour.  Tell him he gets bonus points for a Scottish accent (my husband ROCKS one!).

Start an Herb Garden

Start a herb garden, then when Claire is talking about certain herbs and how to heal people you can channel your inner Claire and try to apply some of that knowledge in your daily life too.

Learn some Scottish History

Brush up on your Scottish history and then you’ll actually know what’s going to happen and what they’re going to go through.  It’s a lot more fun when you have some sort of understanding of the history of Scotland.  It is not necessary, but a super fun way to follow along the show when you have a working knowledge of the history behind Bonnie Prince Charlie and the battle of Culloden leading up to the big war.



Are you an Outlander fan?  Fan of Scotland?  More importantly are you a Jamie, Young Ian, or Roger fan???  Please comment below with what was your favourite scene in season one and/or what are you most looking forward to them covering in season two?


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  1. avatar
    Emma says:

    I haven’t read the books, but I find the idea fascinating so I already know I’m going to love the fandom – do you think it’s best to start with the series or the books?

  2. avatar
    Lisa/SyncopatedMama says:

    OhMYGoodness, I KNEW there was a reason I liked you so much – I’m a HUGE Outlander fan, too! I haven’t been as wild (on the whole) of the show as the books (I mean, how could they possibly compare?), but I definitely have to watch them. I can’t believe you went there for your honeymoon, that’s too cool! I flew up to Edinburgh for the day once while visiting London, just so I could get a taste of all things Scottish, then later went back and hiked the West Highland Way, which ends in Fort William. The plan was to continue on north to see all the rest of the Outlander sites, but my ex-husband changed his mind – that’s okay, because now I get to take my husband there sometime in the future and I’d much rather experience those sites with him (he watches the shows with me and is slowly working his way through the books). You know, the only reason I know the things I do about some of the celebrations you talk about is because of Outlander – it’s such an education in so many different things (the religion, the history, the herbal medicine…) Can you tell I can write about this forever? So excited that we share this love, Hil!
    Lisa/SyncopatedMama recently posted…Friday Frivolity, Just Kidding EditionMy Profile

    • avatar
      Hil says:

      Just throwing this out there too, I saw the tag #waterbirth on our blog, perhaps we also share that in common too? I wanted to BE Claire growing up. I thought she was the coolest. I think she certainly encouraged me and helped me find that path. Fort William is the best. I loved it there and want to go back so bad. I would board a plane TONIGHT to go anywhere in Scotland. New husband to create memories with (and kids?!?!) is way better! And especially if he can share the love of all things Outlander. Yup, I could write about this forever too! I even studied the Battle of Culloden and did projects on the rising in college lol!

  3. avatar
    Emily says:

    I haven’t heard of this series – going to go check it out now! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week.

  4. avatar
    Adina M says:

    Scotland is such a beautiful country with so much to see! I’d love to visit one day! But there is no convincing my man to wear a kilt! Lol. Nice post, i enjoyed it!

  5. avatar
    Talia says:

    I’ve thought about reading the Outlander books for a while, I’ve seen the trailers for the show and it looks really well done! Hope you enjoy season 3!

  6. avatar
    Colleen says:

    Great post. Thanks. Scotland is indeed a great place to travel. I’ll have to check out this series.

  7. avatar
    lex says:

    havent heard of the series, am not really a fan of novels but hopefully i will be forced to look it out and see how it all goes… thanks for this.. BTW i am glad i have seen someone who loves reading so much as this reminds me of one of my sisters…

  8. avatar
    Mary says:

    I don’t get Starz so I’ve been unable to watch the series. How are the books? Anything like the GoT series?

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