Never too old for a Nerf War

Never Too Old For A Nerf War - You are Never too old for a Nerf War! A fun activity to do for a party or just an awesome time with your friends.

Having a big ole Nerf War was on my bucket list of things to do! My friends and I may be in our late 20s but we are all big kids at heart. So for my buddy Nick’s 26th birthday about 20 of my friends joined me in a battle royal Nerf War we’ll never forget.

How to do a Nerf War

We asked our guests to bring a nerf gun and I grabbed 5 used Maverick Nerf Pistols on kijiji for $5 each. I find these are a good intro gun for the price tag. Luckily, I have too much time on my hands so I grabbed some nerf 1plastic friendly spray paint and painted my guns. Then I ordered 150 Nerf compatible foam bullets off Ali express, $15 with free shipping but did take a month and a half to arrive so plan ahead.

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Time To Party

On the day of the party we raided the house for flat pieces of cardboard and things we could use to hide behind. Originally I was trying to tie down the cardboard pieces but my friends had a lot of fun moving them throughout the game so next time I wouldn’t bother. We hung a tarp behind a ladder to help gather the darts on the shooting range. Then we just used empty pop cans on a ladder for targets. I had all kinds of ideas for targets but we hardly used the shooting range, it was much more fun to have human targets.

We enjoyed some target shooting but the main event was Capture The Flag. Next, we used face paint as war paint on our checks to nerf 5distinguish the teams. Green team had a section on the front yard as a base with blue in the backyard. We played some rounds where if you were shot in an arm you would not be able to use that arm etc, and others where if you were shot you were out or received a time out. We didn’t take it too seriously and adapted the rules as we went.

Before the party I bought plastic trophies at the dollar store and nerf warfound some cheep Nerf type guns. I cut off the cup part and used a glue gun to glue a gun to the trophy stand. Add some spray paint and we made trophies for our MVPs. We voted on a male and female MVP which was a fun way to end the party. I had expected it to be a onetime event, but now that we have the guns and ammo it would be easy to have a re-match!

Would your friends enjoy a nerf war?  Have you ever participated in one?


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