Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming, the time of year when you can show your wife, your mother, your mother in law, your grandma, your daughter (who may be a mother) exactly how much you appreciate her and support all of her efforts in such a hard job.  Being a mother is not the only hard job I know of, but being a mother is incredibly difficult, no sleep, no sick days, no vacation, no time alone even if it’s to go to the bathroom or shower, you work very long long days sometimes never alone for days or weeks at a time even while sleeping.  The holiday changes with your kids ages, but for me having a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I am in the thick of being a “mombie” with no sleep, and Mother’s Day is one of my new favourite holidays.  I think it is important to support all the other mothers in your lives, friends, mother-in-law, your own mother, all mothers deserve a day to know that they are loved.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

Here are some gifts any mother would love to get:

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Jamberry Nail Wraps

Mom rarely has time to spend on herself, why not get her a pedicure and manicure!  It may not be possible for her to go out somewhere and get it done.  Jamberry is super cool and easy to use and mom can do it at home while the kids are napping or running around her feet.  If she has a daughter, you can get matching Mommy & Me Jamberry nails!

You can order them here

Monthly Subscription


I got panty by post for my birthday and I absolutely love it.  It’s so fun to know that every month you have a new pair of panties coming your way. I don’t really have time to shop for underwear, I consider my underwear that I bought two years ago to still be my “new underwear” so to get a new pair in the month is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for the beginning of the month and check my mailbox eagerly for the first few days until I get my package. You name what size you need and you have three different styles you can choose from, the basic collection, the signature collection, and the premium collection, based on your kinds of taste.  It’s so fun to get something new, I get so excited knowing that I have something pretty that I get to wear because I don’t normally get to splurge on myself or pick up things like that so it is a great treat to get the woman in your life.

Check them out here


New Purse or bag
I know being a mother, you frequently have to lug around a whole bunch of things and don’t always get to pick up the prettiest items for yourself.  I got this bag two months ago and it is so beautiful and I love going out and try and actually dress up just so I can match the bag.  If I have to lug around diapers, wipes, change of clothes and toys, let it be in something pretty that doesn’t feel like a “mom bag”.

Check out some bags here

I miss my body (5)

A great way to help her relax, aid congestion, calm down the kids, etc.  I LOVE my diffuser and use it daily.  If the mother in your life is interested in holistic healing, essential oils, aromatherapy, or things along those lines then a diffuser is the perfect gift for her.

Check out where I got mine here

I miss my body (11)


Help make her see that she is putting effort into living healthy by getting her a tool that helps with tracking your fitness and motivating you to put in those few extra steps each day.  It is also great to use as a sleep tracker so she can see how much sleep she gets and adjust from there, whether knowing she needs to go to sleep earlier, seek help to let her have a nap, or just be more lenient on herself knowing she is sleep deprived.

You can get it here

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A new baby carrier!  Baby carriers are a super fun gift and a practical one as well.  Baby wearing can make it easier to get shopping done, chores around the house, cooking and of course going for walks and getting some fresh air.  The type of baby carier is specific to each woman, so if you know there is one she has been eyeing you can surprise her with it, or just tell her that’s what you want to get her and allow her the fun of picking the perfect carrier and print.

This is my favourite company to buy from here

I miss my body (9)


Take mom shoe shopping to get a new pair of comfy shoes, maybe fancy, or practical, something to help keep her feet comfy while she is chasing after kids all summer.  A new pair of sandals goes a long way in in comfort.

I miss my body (8)

Make a cute craft with the kids for mom.   In my house I am usually the one making crafts with the kids and cute little pictures or crafts for daddy, mommy may not have a chance to get these cute gifts herself yet so why not spend some time with the kids making her a surprise craft.  Bonus, this also gives mom a chance to shower or have a bath not knowing you are making her a surprise.

I miss my body (10)


My mom’s favourite was going to the nursery on mother’s day and getting flowers to come home and plant with us. One year my dad got her a crab apple tree. She loved it, it flowers every year around mother’s day and is a constant reminder of her family.

We also loved doing activities with her, movie date, pedicures together, picnic, etc. Why add to the clutter with more stuff, experiences last longer and are wonderful memories. My mom and I used to go to Stars On Ice together as my mother’s day present to her. It was always really fun.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

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So put on your thinking cap and think of what mom really needs, then ignore that and get her something fun she wants, or should want!


What are your favourite frivolous gifts to get mom for mother’s day?


Disclaimer:  I reviewed a pair of panties for panty by post, but have been a customer of theirs for seven months, otherwise these are NOT affiliate links, this is where I got my products and I love it so I am recommending it.  I have received no compensation and these companies even know I am recommending them!




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Mother's Day Gift Guide - What to get the mom in your life? Here is a Mother's Day gift guide for all stages of Motherhood. Treat her to something special this year!

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  1. avatar
    Marie says:

    These are great ideas! If my fam reads this, put me down for a subscription box! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  2. avatar
    Audrey says:

    Lots of fun ideas. We are going the experience route this Mother’s Day, my guys are taking me to a play (some of my son’s friends will be performing).

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

  3. avatar
    Sue Purdy says:

    I had never heard of the underwear every month club. I LOVE this idea. I might just buy this for myself this Mother’s Day 🙂

  4. avatar
    Carrie says:

    So many great Mother’s Day ideas! My favorite is having the kids make something for mom :). I’ve helped my kids make so many crafts for others, it would be amazing to get a surprise one from them/hubby for Mother’s Day! Thank goodness for preschool, lol.

    • avatar
      Hil says:

      I know right?!?!? My daughter made me an adorable little bowl at preschool. Only chance I ever have to get a gift made from my kids

  5. avatar
    Meg @ EveryMomDay says:

    This is a great list! I got myself some Jamberry and had mani’s with my daughters this morning! 🙂 I also love all the crafts and that Daddy gives me a “day off” and takes care of all the cooking, cleaning, and diapers! <3 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
    Meg @ EveryMomDay recently posted…Remember: It’s All Worth ItMy Profile

    • avatar
      Hil says:

      That sounds like an AMAZING day!!! I’m so curious what jams you and your girls used!!! Happy mother’s day!

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