Monthly Crafting Book Club for July – Camping books

This month we decided to focus on camping books since so many are going camping!  Everyone gets to chose whichever children’s book they want to cover this month and do a craft or activity on the book.  We are lookig for bloggers to join us each month, you can choose whether or not to participate, you just need to come up with a craft or activity for kids based on the book and send me the URL and a picture to include in the collage by the 25th of each month.  Join our Facebook group to get updates and find out the next book.

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I chose to do Froggy Goes To Camp by Jonathan London, a personal favourite of my daughters.  It is a goofy book about a frog going to sleep away camp and it makes my daughter laugh and laugh.  In one of the scenes in the book Froggy and his teacher go kayaking, so we decided to do a kayak as our craft.

Kayak materials

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors, stapler, paint brushes, tape
  • Paint in three colours
  • Chop sticks
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Random animal or people to sit in the kayak (find them around the house)

kayak 2

  • Have the adult cut a hole in the middle of a toilet paper roll so the creature has somewhere to sit.
  • Get your child to help you staple down the end of the toilet paper roll so it closes like the end of a kayak.
  • Have your child choose a color paint and paint the “kayak” their favourite colour.
  • Using the leftover pieces of the toilet paper roll that you cut out of the cockpit, cut it in two and shape it like paddles.  We chose to paint the paddle ends brown.
  • Let it all dry.
  • Once the paddle ends are dry use tape to tape them onto the ends of a chop stick as the paddle.
  • Put your creature in the cockpit (hopefully they fit) and have fun pretending to kayak!!

kayak 1



Monthly Crafting Book Club for July - Camping books - IG


Since everyone is so busy this summer we have one other blogger who participated this month be sure to check out her blog and see what curious George came up with to do this month.

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