Holiday Gift Guide for Dad

Dad works hard to provide for the family, why not get him some fun gifts to thank him for all his hard work.

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Holiday Gift Guide for DAD - Dad's can be hard to shop for, here is a Holiday Gift Guide for Dad, husband, father, men, whomever, if he is a guy you can't go wrong with these ideas!

SAXX Boxers

I cannot recommend these highly enough.  The women in my birth group introduced me to this and I think everyone’s husbands now proudly sport them.  Sorry in advance for the visual, but there is a separate pocket for certain appendages, meaning it has more space and is super comfy and gets less hot and sweaty.  Once you get SAXX they become a recurrent gift.  Both my hubby and dad have SAXX!

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A good scotch can really help for de-stressing after a long day of hard work.  Good quality scotch, like McAllen 18 and Lagavulin 16.  Or my personal favourite, Arran Gold (seriously if someone can get that to me in Canada please tell me how!).  Nice stuff they wouldn’t buy themselves and gives a nice treat.  Bonus points for the scotch glasses and scotch rocks to go with them.


Pocket knives, kitchen knives, katana, sword, fun knives, any guy would love to have some new toys around. Mine is a prepper and any weapons are greatly appreciated.  Even just survival blades can come in handy.  Fancy Chefs knives are also a great idea for the guy who loves to cook.  Why not a sharpener to help keep them at their best?

1390_browncoats_serenity_valleyDorky clothes

T-shirts, robes, toques, PJ’s, all in their favourite characters: Big Bang theory, Firefly, Star Wars, super heroes, Game of Thrones, Star Trek etc.  you can’t go wrong with some new apparel in their favourite genre.

Chili_mango_hot_sauce__07168_1335959425_240_240Hot sauce

The ability to spice up food and make it more flavourful (like ketchup), go for the hot sauces that boast flavour, not the burn your mouth off ones.  While those can be fun too, the tasty ones like scotch bonnet or mango habanero are much tastier.  This one is my dad’s favourite hot sauce, he discovered it on a trip across Canada and when I buy it I get it in bulk so I have gifts that last awhile.

 Gadgets  The Latest High-Tech Gadgets

A new gaming mouse, Play Station 4, new Xbox game, tablet, the latest WOW expansion, whatever their tastes,  I am sure there is a new game or gaming accessory for them!

Exercise accessoriesAccessories for their sport

If they are a cyclist some tools to fix their bike, runner a new watch to track how fast they run/heart rate, etc., kayaker a new spray skirt, ultimate player a new disc or bag to keep their disc’s in, there are tons of dvd’s, magazines, and books related to sports that may peak their interest too.

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Buy them a tool to help fix up whatever you (or the kids) have broken recently. Tool chest, tool organizer, new gadgets to add to their collection, according to my hubby you can never have enough tools.

Gift CardsGift Cards

Gift cards for places to treat themselves to a guilt-free lunch at work.  My hubby loves Subway and there is one by his work, so a gift card to go there at lunch is a great gift.  It also means you don’t have to make his lunch one day!

Edible Treats

81Vp3T6q4oL__SX466_Big chocolate bars, like the 1/2 lb peanut butter cups, you don’t want to know how quickly my husband demolished his last Christmas!  Fudge, cookies, Terry’s chocolate orange, all these are awesome treats for him to snack on Christmas morning.

Guys are so difficult to buy for!  Hopefully with these tips you can find something here that your husband will like.

NOTE:  This is more of a general “dad” Holiday Gift Guide, I use it for both my husband, the father of my children, and my dad too!

If you have any more suggestions please tell me in the comments below. I am always looking for more ideas!  What are your go-to’s for a gift for your husband?

Holiday Gift Guide for DAD - Dad's can be hard to shop for, here is a Holiday Gift Guide for Dad, husband, father, men, whomever, if he is a guy you can't go wrong with these ideas!

This is the first in a four-part series, stay tuned for Holiday Gift Guides for Mom, Baby (1-year-olds), and Toddler (almost 3-year-olds).

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