How to help your Direct Sales Business

I recently joined the world of direct sales last winter, almost coming up to my one year anniversary!  I have people ask me a lot of questions and from my experience blogging I have learned a lot so I wanted to share my tips on How to help your Direct Sales Business.  There are some websites that can make life a lot easier for you.

Whether you do trade shows, in-home parties, online Facebook parties, etc. there are a lot of ways you can make your life easier, and a lot of options for free too.  Do you want to know How to help your Direct Sales Business?  Keep reading below, make sure you add your tips to the comment section to help others too.

Tiny Torch


Do you host Facebook parties?  Then you NEED an online scheduling tool.  Facebook parties are amazing, but if you have to be present a few times a day (or night ) to post everything live it can be really hard, life happens, kids, families, making it so you cannot always be online to post when you need too.  You may also not be available at the times that are most optimal for participation.  Enter a scheduling website like Tiny Torch, this website is a life saver!  There are other websites you can use, but I like this one, you can sign up for a free account and schedule up to five posts a day per group/event/page, so you can preschedule all the posts for your private group in advance, as well as your parties.  Seriously a life saver.  It makes things much easier for you in the long run and gives you less to worry about.  For a small fee you can upgrade to a deluxe version and be able to schedule up to 10 posts a day, or add photo albums, all choices you can make if you think it would help your business, otherwise the free version is pretty awesome and still really helpful.

Use this link to get $10 free to try upgraded services if you want, or stick to the free ones: Tiny Torch



If you have a Pinterest account this is a great tool to have.  It is a great site which schedules all your Pinterest pins for you (similar to Tiny Torch above, but for Pinterest).  It is recommended you share content that is not always sales content to keep your customers interested.  If you sell makeup maybe tips on doing makeup, or a fun outfit to match with your makeup for a night out.  If you sell leggings tips on styling your outfit, if you sell essential oils, DIY recipes to use the essential oils in, you get it.  But for some having a Pinterest account is a big part of their business and scheduling your pins means you are pinning your content at the best time of day for your readers to see it, and sharing enough content to keep your business in other people’s minds.

Use this link to get $15 in free credit to try out Tailwind

If you are on Pinterest you NEED Tailwind, it is a great time saver and ensures you reach your customers at the most optimal time!


Another free site that I use to schedule and share webpages is Hootsuite.  Whether you are sharing on twitter and tweeting it or sharing it on Facebook, this site can make it easy for you to share some fun content on both platforms to keep your readers engaged.  It’s a great way to share articles, or other pages that may be related to your business.  I use it to share recipes, tips, and other things that may interest my customers in my VIP group.

Use this link to try out Hootsuite

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Do you do shows?  Sell your wares to people in person?  This is invaluable.  You sign up for free and they send you a free credit card reader, seriously, that’s how easy it is.  If you use my link below you will get some transactions free (and me too if I am lucky!), but in general it will charge you 2%, which isn’t the end of the world.  In this day and age not many people carry cash anymore, I never have enough cash to buy stuff.  To be honest, if they do not have a card reader, they will be loosing out on my sale and many other’s as I just don’t have cash.  Even at my local farmer’s market, most have card readers, it shocks me when people don’t, it’s free to get!  Seriously, by NOT having one you lose out on so much business, so set yourself up, try it free below.  If you sell stuff, do your customer’s a favour by offering them the choice to pay by credit card!!

Try this link and you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free during your first 180 days Square .  It is still free to get the reader.





I am sure everyone has heard of Vistaprint by now, but if you haven’t you need it!  It is a great affordable way to order personalized business supplies without costing a fortunate.  The best part is they always seem to have some sort of sale going on so it is rare you pay full price without some sort of incentive or reward.  They have fun monthly promo boxes to send you tools monthly you may need for your business.  You can get personalized business cards, magnets, post cards, address labels, signs, brochures, etc.


Follow this link to see how Vistaprint can help you




This is another free site, invaluable for making graphics.  I use it to make party graphics, graphics for the party page, my group, party invites, printables, signs, so many options of things to make.  It may take a bit of playing around to learn to navigate but is essential for keeping things fresh and making you own graphics.

Follow this link to start making your own designs through Canva


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This is a super cool site I was introduced to through blogging, it is amazing for making lists.  I have many different lists to keep track of, upcoming parties, who is hosting, the date, their address, etc. I always have a million lists on the go and his is perfect for keeping track of everything all in one place, again free!!

Follow this link to start organizing your lists through Trello


There you have it!!  My tips on How to help your Direct Sales Business, largely for free, and super easy to learn to use.  Which tip is your favourite?  So you have any more to add?  Please comment below on your favourite tips to help your Direct Sales Business succeed and flourish.

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