Handprint Fall Tree Painting

I made this a few years ago with my son when he was a baby.  He loved to do hand-print paintings with me.  This Handprint Fall Tree Painting was a big favourite and I love pulling it out to put on my wall each Fall.


Supplies needed:

  • Canvas to paint (I buy mine from Dollarama), make sure it is large enough to fit however many arms/hands you are doing.   I was doing two kids so this one was perfect for me.
  • Acrylic Paint: blue, green, brown, red, yellow, orange, and white.
  • Piece of a sponge
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sponge letters (again from Dollarama)
  • Ensure you are close to a sink or bucket of water with lots of soap for cleaning.


Step 1 – The background

  • I started off painting the canvas to look like the outside.  I squirted some blue dots sporadically around the top 3/4 with a few white spots in between.  The bottom 1/4 I put dots of green.
  • I moistened my sponge then squeezed out most of the water.
  • Using the sponge I lightly brushed it back and forth covering the whole top section making sure to get the sides of the canvas too.
  • Turn the sponge over to a fresh side and do the green, covering the bottom and sides as well.
  • I took another clean side and lightly melded the colours together so the canvas was completely covered.
  • Let that dry while you set up.

Step 2 – The tree

  • Toddlers/babies are MESSY with paint no matter how careful you are, make sure none of you are wearing clothes you don’t want ruined.  Prep your clean up area and put a towel down.
  • Take their arm and starting at the elbow paint it brown all the way up to their hand making sure to cover their hands too.
  • Lightly take their arm by the elbow and press down from the elbow to the hands firmly.
  • Do any remaining kids.

    Step 3 – The leaves

  • Let it dry while you prep for the leaves, get a plate/lid/etc. and squirt a little red, yellow, and orange paint in it.
  • Carefully take child’s finger and dip in the colours one at a time and scatter around the finger portion of the “tree” to represent the leaves.  No need to rinse hand in between colours and if they go rogue and paint elsewhere that’s ok, it’s a falling or blown leaf.
  • Repeat with any other children.

Step 4 – The words

  • Choose what colour you want to write your letters with.  I chose silver.
  • Dampen your sponge and dip in your colour, blot it on the lid/plate a few times then carefully spell out F A L L one at a time repeating the previous steps with each letter.  You could change it up and write Autumn, or Mabon, or any other word you wish.
  • Let it all dry.

You did it!  An adorable keepsake to give to grandparents, aunt’s and uncle’s or add to your growing stack of adorable hand and footprint canvases that you are making.

What is your favourite messy craft to do with your little ones?



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