Five Friday Favourites #12 – Films to commemorate Remembrance Day

With Remembrance Day coming up on Wednesday next week I thought I would do my top five favourite war-related movies to commemorate Remembrance Day.  Some of them I love to watch over and over again, other’s touched me so much that once or twice was enough to move me.

Five Friday Favourites 12 - Films to commemorate Remembrance Day - What better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than with some movies to remind us of our history, war of Independence, Civil War, and World War II.

1.  Gone With The Wind

91h9R44dIHL__SY679_Always a classic and one of my favourite movies of all time, Gone with the Wind follows a southern belle Scarlett O’Hara before the Civil War, during the war, and afterwards.  I especially like it because it shows how life is like for those left at home during the civil war and how they piece their world back together.  If you have not seen this classic yet you need to.  If you have seen Gone with the Wind, who is your favourite character?  Do you like Scarlett?

2.  Schindler’s List

51-Xt3eZ58LAnother classic movie, this time from World War II.  This movie touches to your very soul.  Especially the black and white, with the exception of the little girl in the red coat, who as a parent made me sob.   Watching their depiction of what life was like for those in the concentration camps  made me look at the Holocaust in a whole new light.  If you didn’t already hate Ralph Finnes from being Voldemort you sure will now.  What were your thoughts on Schindler’s List?  What part stuck with you the most?

3.  The Patriot


From the war of Independence in the US.  Maybe it’s the costumes, the actors, the family part of the story line, not sure what but I have always liked this movie.  It is said to not be historically accurate (sorry I don’t know this part of US history very well) but I found it to be a great movie.  I really like to see how war touches the families and those left at home and I liked how this movie showed both sides.   Another Harry Potter villain, Lucius Malfoy plays one of the creepiest villains (other than Ralph Finnes of course).  Has anyone else seen this movie?

4.   Braveheart


I LOVE Scotland and all things Scottish and related to Scotland.  Learning the history about William Wallace and Scotland’s war to gain Independence from England kind of makes you dislike the British!  And I have family from England!  They do a great job at portraying England as the bad guy.  The depiction of Scotland hundreds of years ago is great.  I was lucky enough to visit the Wallace monument in Scotland and see his sword and other Wallace trivia.  This is a great storyline and another classic movie.  Are their any other Scottish fan’s out there?  Anybody wear kilts??

5.  The Boy in the Striped Pajama’s


I cannot say enough how powerful this movie is.  It may seem a little slow but the message and storyline have stayed with me a long time.  About a Nazi family, following the children really, and the little boy who is bored and looking for friends.  He finds a boy in “striped pajamas” and they become friends.  It has a traumatic ending but is worth the watch.   Have you watched this movie?  What were your thoughts on the ending?

What better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than with some movies to remind us of our history. Click To Tweet

There you have it.  My top five favourite and/or most powerful movies relating to war time.  What movies do you watch around Remembrance Day?  What are your favourite war-related movies?  Or alternatively, which ones did you find most disturbing and really stuck with you.

Five Friday Favourites 12 - Films to commemorate Remembrance Day - What better way to commemorate Remembrance Day than with some movies to remind us of our history, war of Independence, Civil War, and World War II.

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      Hil says:

      I feel like if we knew each other in person we could be friends 🙂 gone with the wind was my favourite book in high school still is a fav, glad to hear the book is amazing, I haven’t read the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, but I would imagine it is powerful and horribly depressing! Is it very different from the movie?

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    Reuven says:

    This is a great collection of movies, Hilary, and as we haven’t yet seen ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,’ we’re going to add it to our movies to view.

    I really like your suggestion for people to watch an inspiring movie for Remembrance and Veteran’s Day. Thankfully, for most of us, war and its impact on people and families is something we read about but don’t experience firsthand. Reminders help us to be more understanding and appreciative of those who have survived, whether as civilians or vets and their families.Thanks for creating this wonderful collection.

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