Barnyard Dance Tambourine Craft

Come join us for the Monthly Crafting Book Club. Each month we focus on a different book and encourage early literacy by pairing it with a craft.

As part of the Monthly Crafting Book Club, the book for January is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton.   If you are interested in joining click the image above for more information.

This book is a personal favourite of my family’s.  One of my best friends gave it to me at my Baby Shower for Bee (it was a Book themed one!) and I had never heard of it.  I soon fell in love with it and had it memorized I read it so much.

I have yet to see a child or adult who did not enjoy reading this book.  It has become one of my go-to shower gifts now (instead of buying a card I buy a book and sign that instead).

Here is my craft for our Monthly Crafting Book Club challenge.

Barnyard Dance Tambourine Craft - IG

I chose to make paper plate tambourine’s with barn yard animals on them out of painted finger prints.  My daughter loves musical instruments and I knew she would love playing with these along with the book.


Supplies Needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Beans, pasta, rice, anything that makes noise
  • Stapler or glue gun
  • Paint in various colours
  • Black marker


  • Have child help poor beans (or whatever) into paper plate.
  • I have little ones so didn’t want to use staples for safety reasons, and I was not having my toddler around a hot glue gun so I did the attaching party myself.
  • Next I had her put her finger in random colours of paint and make finger prints on the plate.
  • I let the prints dry then took the black marker to make faces on them all and she tried to guess what animal they were, or told me what animal she thought they should be.
  • On the second one I just had her do yellow finger prints and made them all into chicks, in truth I like this one best.
  • Then I wrote some barn yard lyrics on the tambourines and we were done!

My one-year-old loved them the best, he loves banging them off things and making as much noise as possible.  My almost three-year-old just wanted to break them and get the beans out, but she held off long enough so we could read the Barnyard Dance  book and sing along to our own tune while shaking our tambourines.

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Barnyard Dance Tambourine Craft - pt

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January IG

What is your child’s favorite book to read right now?  Please comment below with any suggestions of books you want to see featured at our monthly crafting book club posts.


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Barnyard Dance Tambourine Craft - pt

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    Deanna Hershberger says:

    How cute is this! I love it. We haven’t read this book but from the looks of it, it looks like a fun one! We’ll have to go to the library and get it! Thanks for the idea!

    Thanks for sharing with Everything Kids Link & Pin Party! Hope that you share more great ideas with us again on Sunday night!

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