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I am super excited to be reviewing this cool journal called Duo Diary.  It is a great journal that both mom and baby can use to help them keep track of their daily needs.


I was approached to review this really cool product called the Duo Diary.  Maybe I am just old-fashioned but I still love to write things down and find it easier to view in a journal.  After baby is born it is just easier to write things down in a book so everyone can see it, dad can write things down and keep notes too, as well as baby sitters, and it is easy to show to your midwife or doctor during checkups to see how newborn baby is doing.


I have had a lot of friends suffer from depression pre-baby, PPD (post-partum depression) with baby, as well as anxiety post-baby, which can be quite severe.  Trying to battle depression, or any of these illnesses is awful, especially with a new baby.  It can be so hard to function, your care and well-being goes down the toilet.  You focus all your energy on keeping this new lttle person you created safe, fed, dry, and preferably happy  (aka not cying), if you have older children too……. well…. life is not going to be easy for quite some time for you.

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When I first heard about this journal all I could think about was how AMAZING I would be for a mom suffering from PPD (or any of the above anxiety, depression, etc. I will lump it together as PPD for this post to make it easier than writing it out each time) Mom can easily use this journal, and even dad can help her fill stuff in if she is having a hard time with it, to help her track of her needs as well, making it easier to see what is missing and how badly it needs to become a priority.  Dad can look at the journal and see how mom is doing today too, has she only had 2 hours sleep?  Send her for a nap!  Not enough food?  Make her a healthy snack to munch on while being a human milk machine.  Did she get any exercise?  Maybe suggest a walk around the block?  And water, well I think anyone around a breastfeeding mom will make them forever grateful if they just always fill up her water bottle or bring a glass of water when she is nursing, nursing makes you super thirsty and you drink a massive amount of water, keeping her water full (whether with PPD or not) is an incredibly thoughtful and practical thing to do.


This journal has a grid every day to help mom keep track of her food intake, sleep (or lack thereof!), exercise, and water intake.  Plus times for each entry.  There is also a blank section at the bottom for additional notes.  I would probably note  (or ask mom to make note of) when she gets to have a shower so anyone supporting mom can ensure she gets a shower as often as possible.  I know some people with depresson used little happy/sad stickers to keep track of their moods and you could easily put a sticker on the sheet to help mom track her mood as well.  For the first few days after birth it would also help track her painkillers (well can we even CALL Advil and Tylenol post-partum painkillers?) and any anti-depressants they are taking or other medications they may need to track.


On to baby, the reason I am sure this journal was primarily made, everyone has to keep track of baby stuff when they have a newborn.  The midwife or doctor will ask you almost daily for the first week how much baby is sleeping, are they feeding (whether breast or bottle), how many wet or soiled diapers they have a day, etc. You can track all this in your journal, plus a blank note section to calculate any extras you need.  I had issues nursing my daughter and had to keep track of whether she fell asleep at the breast, if I ended up using a nipple shield, etc.  This would have been a great spot to track our use of the shield and progress at getting her back on the nipple afterwards.  How does the umbilical stump look?  When did it fall off?  Are the poops still meconium or have they moved to the mustard seed kind yet? Any mini milestones?  All information you can track in your journal and information the doctor or midwife will need to know.


I had a 21-month-old when I had my second son, appointments with my midwife where chaotic to say the least.  Being able to just hand her this journal so she could see for herself exactly how we were doing would have made both our lives much easier.  Also, any question’s I had that came up I could write in the journal to remember to ask her next time we talked would have been great as well.


You get the picture, this is a really cool tool that can make a new mom (or a second time new mom’s) life much easier, keeps everything in the same place, helps dad understand what’s going on and any other caregivers supplying back-up to mom, and a BIG help to anyone suffering from PPD to make their life easier to track their symptoms and help ensure they are taking care of themselves too.



If you would like to buy this super useful journal  for yourself (not just for newborns!) or as a gift for an expecting mom in the future (especially if you know they have suffered with anxiety or depression before, make it easier from the start!), check out HERE where you can buy it.  I even have a coupon code FAIRIES10 to use at checkout and get 10% off (plus they are currently running a summer sale, 10% off in addition to the sale price).

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A gift for a pregnant friend: a breastfeeding caddy!  All things to help her while breastfeeding, a receiving blanket, nursing pads, newborn diapers, diaper cream, nipple cream, stretch mark cream, and a book and activity book to keep her toddler busy while she is nursing.  All held together perfectly in Thirty-One’s Double Duty Caddy and of course featuring the Duo Diary so mom and baby can track their habits easily.

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If you were going to use a journal after baby, what would you want to be tracking?


DISCLAIMER:  This is a sponsored post, I received compensation for sharing my opinion on this cool product.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I gave birth?


People tell you a lot of things about birth, how much it hurt, how badly they tore (they needed a WHOLE SPOOL of thread to sew me up… uhhhh sure), about their birth plan and/or how perfect or awful their birth was.  Some of that may be true, but here are some things NO ONE warns you of regarding labour and delivery.

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Why didn't anyone tell me this before I gave birth - People talk about a lot of things after giving birth, some are common knowledge, some common sense, but not everything is talked about.

    • There is NO privacy in the delivery room, you have no control over who comes in and out of the labour room.   When I was giving birth there was no joke over 10 people there.  No, I was not happy about it, but since I had already been pushing for two hours and didn’t have the mental ability to yell at the nurses and students to get out I had a big audience staring at my crotch while I pushed out a baby.


    • Labouring with AthenaYou have no control over your modesty.  You *think* by telling people to stay by your head you can spare them some nudity and keep some privacy.  Nope.  They have to get in and out of the room and your legs are wide open for HOURS sometimes, so there is no hiding that.  Also, people kept stripping me without my consent!  When they want me in a gown, my clothes come off and I can’t do anything about it.  Baby comes out, they wipped off all the blankets and gowns covering me to place baby on my boobs, my mom was there (and that whack of strangers) so I did not appreciate having my coverings ripped off to expose my naked post-baby body to everyone.  Or have them watch me catheterized or getting stitched up after, or delivering a placenta.  Unfortunately, you do not have an option sometimes.

      Choose who you want in the delivery room very carefully, you will not be able to control what they see… neither will they for that matter.

    • toilet-1552924You go to the bathroom in front of people.  Whether it is someone bringing you to the bathroom during labour (yeah not something you want an audience for either) because they alone, or after, or just the nurse saying she has to see you pee after, yup, you get to do that in front of people too.


    • shower-1427304People have to help you shower, and by people, I mean my husband lol.  You know you are close when your husband helps you wash all the post-baby/labour off of you!


    • You can be in the early stages of labor for WEEKS.  Yup, not kidding.  With my first I had contractions every hour for a week before I had her.  I am talking tears of pain, gasps, and sometimes screams.  I could not sleep for longer than two hours without waking up screaming with contractions.  It sucks so bad!  You are so tired of them and exhausted before labour even starts.


    • You may not even notice when your water breaks.  I KNEW it with my first but my second, no idea when it broke as I wasn’t sure it even did until I had the baby.  On TV the water breaks, then they go into labour.  Yeah, that RARELY happens.  Most women have their water break during labour or someone has to help break it.  Your water may not break all the way so the doctor/midwife might have to help break the rest of it.  This is not comfortable and can be a little painful I might add.


    • Getting “checked” aka how dilated you are is super uncomfortable and hurts really bad during a contraction.  Brace yourself and breath.   I actually yelled at my Midwife “get out get out get out!” when I got a contraction in the middle of my internal.


    • st-bernard-1257090Sorry to be graphic but…… it seriously feels like you are trying to poop out a Saint Bernard, the way baby comes down, you honestly feel like they are trying to come out of your butt.  I said this sooo many times in labour to my husband!  “How are you doing sweetie”? “It feels like I am trying to poop out a Saint Bernard”!!  Cue everyone’s laughter including mine .


    • Newborn PoHaving the baby is not the end of labour.  You still have to deliver the placenta afterwards, which does require a little pushing and stuff.


    • Contractions also do not stop after labour.  After-birth pains, which get more painful and worse with each subsequent child, so so painful!  Advil and Tylenol do not take the pain away!!


    • Baby PoHours after birth you will be ready to do it all over again.  My sister asked me when she came to visit me with my first, would you do it again? I said yes, just not right away!


  • You will be amazed at how in love you are with this new baby.  They have already stolen your heart before they are even born, once you meet them you’re done.  If almost hurts how much you love them!
  • Daddy LoveYou will fall in love with your husband all over again!  Watching him with your new little bundle of joy will melt your heart and fill you with another kind of love too


What were you unaware of before you had to give birth?  Any surprises during labour or in the delivery room?  Please share them in the comments below.

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Why didn't anyone tell me this before I gave birth - People talk about a lot of things after giving birth, some are common knowledge, some common sense, but not everything is talked about.


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Why didn't anyone tell me this before I gave birth - People talk about a lot of things after giving birth, some are common knowledge, some common sense, but not everything is talked about.



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