Weight Watchers Planner Stickers

Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Help track your triumphs and milestone's with these stickers to help on your weight loss journey.

Who else loves planners?   I love to use my planner to stay organized.  I also hate having a lot of books lying around and reminders everywhere.  Therefore I like to make my own stickers for just about everything to make it easy to stay organized.  I love these stickers as you can keep track of your meetings and weekly weigh-ins in the same planner.  This makes it so easy to look back and see your progress each week to celebrate all your hard effort.


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Weight Loss Printable Planner Stickers

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Weight Watchers Weekly Meeting Stickers


What stickers do you use to help you get organized and stay organized on your journey to better health?

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Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Help track your triumphs and milestone's with these stickers to help on your weight loss journey.

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Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Weight Watchers Planner Stickers - Help track your triumphs and milestone's with these stickers to help on your weight loss journey.


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5 Depressing Aspects of the FitBit

I read all these posts about how amazing the FitBit is.  How it motivates people to exercise more and monitor their steps.  People feel it holds them accountable more.  Awesome!  Those are all fabulous points as to how awesome the FitBit is.

My husband bought me a FitBit for my birthday in September thinking it could help me as I said I wanted to get more active and healthier.  I had not even heard of a FitBit but thought it was pretty cool.  For the first week I was super pumped, it tracks how many steps you take in a day (the goal is 10,000), how much sleep you get, you can track your calorie and water intake, and connect with friends and do “challenges” to motivate each other to take more steps.

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5 Depressing Aspects of the FitBit - The FitBit can be an amazing motivation for some to stay fit & get moving. For this mama it just depresses me. Here are 5 Depressing Aspects of the FitBit

Well, it took me a little over a week to start getting depressed by my FitBit.  These are five reasons why:

  1. Sleep

    IMG_5029The biggest depressing factor is that it tracks your sleep, or lack thereof I should say. My baby is teething and just got three teeth and is working on three more, it has been a long process, and involves him screaming most of the night, meaning I get like no sleep.  And he was not a good sleeper to begin with, so having physical proof of the fact that I average less than 5 hours of sleep a night (for months) is super depressing.   Seeing the norm of two hour increments and at least one to two nursing sessions a night makes it a lot harder to ignore how tired and exhausted you are, you have to face the facts!

  2. Time

    For the past three and a half months my house has been hit with four colds, three flus, and a stomach bug, making it so that there was always one member of the house sick, for almost four months!   My daughter just started preschool, I knew we would have an influx of germs and be more prone to illness, but I had no idea we would ALL get this sick and be pretty much sick for months.  This means I have even less time than normal, when you have sick kids your time is spent snuggling, cleaning up vomit, fetching things, and running back and forth between crying sick kids.

    The most exercise you can get is trecking up and down the stairs a million times a day to wash all the sheets and clothes they are going through. This is depressing because it reminds you of the fact that you WANT to get out and move, but cannot as there is just no time, you barely have time to sleep (and even that is minimal according to the FitBit) so time to exercise is a joke.

  3. IMG_4938Energy

    Let’s say you found a half hour here or there to exercise, you are so tired with the lack of sleep you have no energy to exercise and would rather lie down, take a shower,  or get started on dinner.

    Great, now I feel guilty and lazy for not taking that time and exercising!

    Thanks FitBit for making me depressed about not putting in more steps when I had the chance.

  4.     Friends

    You connect with your friends.  They can invite you to all these challenges to help motivate you to move more and get more active, for example you can compete to see who gets the most steps in on the weekend for Weekend Warrior, or who gets the most steps in the Workweek Hustle, or the most steps in the Daily Showdown, you get the picture.

    Unfortunately, here I am sitting on the couch, watching Disney movies and cuddling a feverish child, while all my “friends” are out there competing who can take the most steps!  So depressing!

  5. “Active minutes”

    Even when you do get some exercise in, you have an app keeping track of it, so when you are working your butt off and sweating away for 40 minutes, the app claims in was only 25 minutes *sigh* way to make me feel out of shape!  Or, alternately, I was folding laundry and going up and down the stairs putting it away and cleaning, the Fit Bit told me I did 15 active minutes, another way to make me feel out of shape, I didn’t FEEL like I was exercising.

Those are my five reasons why the Fit Bit depresses me the most!

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Some of the things I LOVE about my Fit Bit:

  • It vibrates when my cell phone rings so I never miss a call.
  • There is an app, and also email that tracks the power so I get alerted before it runs out of battery.
  • I still feel like I am trying to stay fit and do what I can.

I KNOW I will love it and I think it’s a great tool for people, I am sure it really helps some, but for this exhausted mama, it just reminds me of the lack of control I have over my schedule.  It will change, my baby will learn to sleep, ideally through the night, my daughter will get used to the germs at school and we will all develop a better immune system to keep us healthier, but for now, that is a future dream.

For the record:  I am still glad I have it, I wear it all the time even if it is only for a sleep calculator and to let me know when my phone rings.  I still think it was a great gift, just slightly depressing!

Does anyone else own a FitBit (or Fuel Band, or whatever brand),  What do you like the most about it?  Any tips for when I can hopefully actually start using it to its best advantage?  Please comment below!

5 Depressing Aspects of the FitBit - The FitBit can be an amazing motivation for some to stay fit & get moving. For this mama it just depresses me. Here are 5 Depressing Aspects of the FitBit

Exercise Workouts with Baby & Toddler

Exercise 2

I avoided posting this one for awhile as I am no expert.  I worked really hard pre-baby to get healthy, eat properly and exercise regularly.  I would take my dog for a 45 min walk every day and do 30 min of yoga every day too.  Two children later, I am lucky if I get a walk in every two weeks, maybe yoga once every month or two.  The most exercise I get is running up and down the stairs doing laundry, fetching things for the kids, and bringing kids to and from naps.

I really want to get back into as good shape and health as I was pre-kids but that is super hard.  Not only do I not have a lot of time to exercise, I have the two kids to keep entertained while I do it, and frankly I am so sleep-deprived and exhausted that given an hour to myself I would rater lie on the couch and catch up on my favourite show while surfing facebook or take a shower.  Exercise is NOT at the top of my to-do list.

So how to get back in shape?  How to attempt to get that pre-baby body back?  The first thing I did is watch what I eat really closely.  Another challenge, doing groceries and cooking healthy food is also difficult, time constraints and the fact that I need a meal that baby, toddler and husband will eat without making a bunch of different meals mean that I have my work cut out for me.  I try to keep fresh fruits available for snacking when I can, make sure I am getting a lot of protein, and try not to snack at night.  Not snacking at night makes a big difference.  It is one of the easiest ways to start getting back on track.


To get more active I try to do activities that will give me good exercise WITH the kids:

  • 11715952_10155841117845245_1969913496_nGymnastics class.  Bee & Po’s not mine.  I could not believe how exhausting it was chasing after her at gymnastics, taking her on the beam, hanging from the bars, swinging from the rings and ropes, jumping on the trampoline.  My sister counts that as gym time and jumps at the chance to take my daughter through her class.
  • Baby-wearing Po while Athena rides in the stroller is fun.  We all love the fresh air and connecting with nature.
  • Salsa Babies or Baby-wearing Latin dancing is my favourite as well.  The Early-Years Centre where I am offers a free class once a month and I make sure to sign up for it right away (it fills up fast).  It’s a great way to get moving with baby and a chance to meet some more moms.  Both my two loved dancing with me in the carrier and it was a really good workout for me.
  • Salsa Tots.  Another free class offered through the Early Years Centre once a month.  Although the class is technically for Bee, it’s a great workout for me especially wearing Po.  Dancing around, sometimes holding both of them is a great way to work out.
  • 11049640_10153755084199478_6036949789566270002_nYoga.  I get out a yoga matt for Bee so she can try to do it with me, Po can sit and watch or when he was little he would lie in front of me on a pillow.  Granted I end up having to hold one of them and usually end up breast-feeding during yoga (why they always decide they need milk NOW is beyond me).  Still it is a way to get moving and feel better.
  • Wii Fit.  If any of you still have the Wii fit with the balance board use it!  You can make a baby stats account for your littles and weigh them occasionally to keep track of their stats too.  It is great exercise and you can do it while babywearing (but ignore the wii telling you how overweight you are while wearing little).  My toddler even tries to do the activities along with me, I can put the kids to play near me, in the swing, or if they are having a quick nap.
  • 11716098_10155841117515245_261542851_nGo swimming.  You may not get as much exercise while holding a baby as you would on your own, but it’s still good exercise.  Bee loves to “fly” while in the pool so my arms get a good workout throwing her in the air and catching her.  People love swimming with babies maybe a friend or relative will play with your little for a few minutes while11720460_10155871538800245_1877126963_n you try to do a few laps or go underwater to swim for a bit.  Plus it’s a nice relaxing way to get a few minutes of peace.  I also discovered you can do laps WITH baby, put them in an inflatable boat and push it in front of you while you do laps.
  • Baby-wear while cleaning.  Vacuuming, washing the floors, all great exercise!
  • Go shopping!  Pushing both kids in a double stroller, then holding Po and chasing Bee around a store is also good exercise.  If we hit the mall or an outdoor shopping center (or Ikea!) and walk around for awhile it is amazing how exhausting it can be.

What way’s do you try and incorporate exercise into your routine?  Do you find it challenging post-baby to get back into shape and eat healthy?

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