8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing 


8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing - Nursing a newborn means a lot of sitting quietly, but what about your toddler how do you keep them busy. Try these 8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing

Nursing I found was one of the hardest things to do on my own with two kids.  Keeping toddler occupied and quiet while you try to feed baby quietly and get them to sleep is a big challenge.  It can be done, but honestly needs a lot of planning and organization.  Try these 8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing.

One of the big problems my toddler had was that she was left out and needed attention too.  The best activities were things we could do together WHILE I was breastfeeding so she was included but quiet.  The first few weeks I end up living on the couch with a sleeping baby to my breast.  But my daughter misses me too, so I soon learned she needed activities too!!  Please enjoy these 8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing, great for any new mom, or ideas on presents to get a mom to be of two or a big sibling gift.

8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing - Nursing a newborn means a lot of sitting quietly, but what about your toddler how do you keep them busy. Try these 8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing

Activities you can do with your toddler are:

If your toddler is anything like mine be prepared before sitting down.  Sometimes that means baby has to fuss for five minute while you grab stuff, but, it’s better than starting all over again and having a crankynewborn.  Are you potty training? If toddler is potty trained make them go potty.  Even if they claim they don’t have too, do it anyway.  We had a few accidents as toddler always had to pee while feeding and I couldn’t always get her there in time.

  • Flash cards – shapes, colours, numbers, animals, alphabets, etc. go over them together.
  • Make busy books & bags so they have activities to do quietly.
  • Colouring – get a little tray so they can do it next to you.
  • Stickers – get the big stickers books, little sticker books or just regular stickers to put on paper.
  • Shape puzzles.
  • TV – I know not ideal right? Well, you have a newborn and they have needs too.  If putting toddler in front of the TV can buy you some quiet time to put baby down for their nap and nursing then that’s what you have to do.  You can always pick educational shows if it bugs you, but seriously sometimes it is the only option and that’s ok.  It won’t last forever, toddler needs a treat too and you need a break.
  • Get them a drink and snack.  Preferably stuff that won’t make a mess when they spill it like water (not juice that stuff is so sticky when they leave it to leak on the floor) and raisins or crackers (not apple sauce, yogurt or anything with peanut butter).  Pouches are great healthy snacks too, with fruit or yogurt.
  • Snuggle!  Snuggle those two babies close together, it is hard now and not easy, but it won’t last long and they will be big sooner than you know it.  You won’t always be able to cuddle with two babies together so take advantage while they are small and cooperate!

The NUMBER ONE activity?

  • Basket of books: this was the number one quiet activity to do while nursing.  Have special books they have not really read before so they are more interesting.  If you have friends or relatives close by get them to do a library run every week or two for you to get some new books.  Turning the page can take some maneuvering, but get toddler to help.  It’s a great way to keep them included and work on their fine motor skills. If you have an iPad, tablet, smart phone, kindle etc., use e-books, easier to hold and there are an abundance out there.

This too shall pass

Having two little ones is challenging, you will not always be able to handle it easily, but you will figure it out and get in your groove. It will pass and things will get easier. As kids get older things get easier too!


What are your tips to survive nursing a newborn and keeping your toddler from wrecking the house and waking up baby?

8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing - Nursing a newborn means a lot of sitting quietly, but what about your toddler how do you keep them busy. Try these 8 Ways to keep Toddler Busy while Nursing


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DIY Chewable Jewlery

Chew beads, Chewlery, Teething jewellery, baby wearing necklace, 11713430_10155846353195245_1590102585_nwhatever you call them… they are all the rage!  Accessories made out of food grade silicon or natural wood are becoming extremely popular.  I have a family friend pregnant with twins, Hil (and the kids) love the necklaces they own, so I wanted to get something for the new babes!  There are so many options out there!  Beautiful bangles, necklaces, and brightly colored silicon animals and shapes attached to pacifier clips.

Chewable jewlery is not just for teething toddlers.   You can find  IMG_6336accessories for trendy moms and also for school aged kids.  Many groups are now seeing the benefits for people with autistim, SPD, ADHD/ADD, and dyspraxia to have these items to fiddle and chew on.  They suggest using them in class, long car rides, or just when you are feeling anxious or fidgety.  Because I have not actually used them personally, Hil is going to give us her thoughts on them.


Note from Hil: I LOVE my Chewlery.  I have a few different pieces, a wooden/crochet Necklace, a silicone necklace, a wooden bead pacifier clip, and a silicone animal with beads for in the carrier or stroller.  Even Bee has one too.  She loves them!  

I love how versatile they are.  I will break it down briefly as to why they are awesome:


  • Help keep baby focused on the necklace so they are not pinching, scratching, or flailing around and hurting you.
  • Instant ice breaker with other babies and adults.
  • Also keeps baby focused on playing with the necklace during nursing so they get less distracted.  
  • Mine loves holding his lovey or blanket while falling asleep, but when out and about this works great.
  • I like that I am wearing jewelry and accessories again, my kids pull and break everything else so this is safe to wear.
  • I love the little animal baby wearing ones, I can put it on my carrier or stroller seat belt and it is always within reach for baby to grab and gnaw on.

Chewable Jewlery

Back to Steph: Unfortunately they were out of budget for my friends IMG_6341little twins.  So I hit the internet to see if I could buy the beads to make them myself.  Wanting to buy my supplies local I checked out Etsy.com which worked out great.  I immediately found suppliers all over Canada and they had so many colors and shapes available.  Make sure to buy BPA free, food grade silicon beads.

Supplies- all you need is cord or ribbon, a quick release snap, beads of your choice and a small piece of fishing wire to help you thread your beads

IMG_6340Tip!  Check out pre-assembled pieces for inspiration, you will want to design your piece before you buy your supplies!

Tip! If you knot your cord between beads it makes it extra secure!  But can also be a fun design choice.

Tip!  My cord was too thick to string the beads the straight forward way.  I used a small piece of fishing wire to help me string the beads.  See picture above, I made a loop with my fishing wire, threaded both ends of the loop into my bead, stuck my cord through the loop of fishing wire and used it to pull the cord through.

IMG_6338 (2)I played around with ribbon first so I could test out different patterns and then cut the ribbon and try something else.  It’s fun to think of how easy it will be to change and re-vamp the pieces we own.  I ended up picking out beads to make a necklace for the future mom and two teething clips for the babies.

I’m including two pacifiers as well.  IMG_6337With the type of loop I used on the elephants it would be easy to switch it to a pacifier if wanted.  If I had bought these pre-assembled it would have easily cost over $60!  And I wouldn’t get to pick my colors or design.  But my gift for my friend and her new twins cost about half that to make it!

*Important* supervision is recommended and if your little monkey has crazy strong chewing make sure you take away any pieces that are looking worse for wear.

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Have you tried out Chewlery?  What do you think of them?  Do you have a use we haven’t talked about?

Chewable Jewlery 1

NOTE:  Some of the “chewlery” depicted is for examples to show what chewlery is and was not all made by us.

Five Friday Favourites #7 – Nursing Accessories

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway.

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Danielle L. N.

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nursing-top-vanessa-014 nursing-dress-jenny-1da nursing-top-lucy-83b

Don’t forget we have a coupon code from Momzelle for $5 off, use coupon code Knights5 get some awesome nursing dresses or tops. Please support them as that is what giveaways are about, supporting the sponsors in hopes they will do it again too!

A big thank you to Momzelle for sponsoring our giveaway, review and giving us a coupon to help make our nursing journeys easier.

To go along with our giveaway this month, here are my top five favourite things to help make nursing easier.

Five favourite Nursing accessories:

 Five Friday Favourites - Nursing (1)

1.   Nursing Necklace/Chewlery

Author picPretty much anything  that can distract baby (and more importantly their little nails) from clawing, pinching, slapping, or DSC_0075the dreaded niplash.  I have bruises and scratch marks all over me from my son’s energetic nursing.  Having on a necklace (or his special lovey or blanket) can help distract him, especially in public or in a carrier to focus on them instead of pinching or flailing.  I also like how pretty it looks.  I cannot wear regular jewelry (my first baby broke them, so I learned quickly) so this makes me feel like I am wearing something nice.

2.   bamboobieNipple ointment

A good nipple ointment is essential to breast feeding.  Cracks, teeth, acidic saliva from teething, all do a number on your nipples.   This can make it feel better.  I am a vegetarian so the traditional Lanolin  was not an option for me, I like the Bamboobies breast ointment best.

3.   bamboobiesBreast pads

I have a very strong let down, and get engorged a lot at the beginning.  I frequently had the very attractive wet circles around my boobs, like all the time, always when out in public and I had forgotten to put on my breast pads, or when I thought I didn’t need them.  I didn’t like the disposable ones as I felt they were rough on my nipples, wasteful, and frankly I went through so many I felt I should just get the cloth ones.

4.  Nursing Clothes or Cover

nursing c

 I feel that the more comfortable you are nursing the more successful you will be.  To me having nursing clothes means I can still be mostly covered as I nurse and that is important to me.   If you prefer a cover, I love this Pashmama cover, it can be worn as a scarf so it is one less thing to try and fit in a diaper bag, covers very well so you do not need to worry about flashing people, and is super comfortable.  When in doubt, a good combo of nursing clothes and a cover will help you feel more comfortable and less exposed.

5.  Water bottle

DSC_0207This is essential for nursing.  Kind of like when you were pregnant bringing your bottle everywhere, well I am the same while breastfeeding.  I drink so much water.  If I am going to be running errands or out of the house for longer than an hour I need to bring a water bottle or I get super dehydrated.  Water bottles are personal, but for me I don’t hand wash dishes often, so it has to be dishwasher safe.  I also really like cold water, therefore the top has to be big  enough to fit ice cubes in so I can get the temperature I want.  It also can’t leak, no one likes discovering their purse is soaked and all the backup clothes for baby blowouts are all wet.  I also prefer a water bottle with a straw for easy access so I can drink it easily and it is harder for a baby to spill.  My water bottle is also great as my toddler and 9-month-old can drink out of it, meaning we can often get by with one bottle instead of needing to bring two or three.  My favourites are the David’s Tea Iced Tea “Mugs”.


What are your favourite accessories for nursing?  What makes nursing easier for you?
Please don’t forget to share the post for other pregnant/nursing mama’s to see too!

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Five Friday Favourites - Nursing

Momzelle Giveaway & Review

A Review on Momzelle's Nursing Shirts + GIVEAWAY 1

Disclaimer:  I was given a shirt to try out and review, I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.


I am so excited that I got a chance to review the Momzelle, Vanessa shirt.  It reminded me of my favourite tank top and I could not wait to try it out.


I chose deep teal because I thought adding a pop of colour to my wardrobe would be a good idea.  I really like the colour.  It’s nice and bright and a fun shade.  My toddler didn’t quite agree she said “oooh pretty new shirt mommy, but mommy don’t you want a PINK shirt”???  She is such a little girlie girl!  I disagree I think the deep teal colour was the best for me.

One of my favourite things about this shirt is how easy it is to nurse in a  carrier.  Because the boob entry is right there it makes nursing in the carrier a cinch.  It is so easy to pop a boob out and into their mouth and doesn’t require hauling your shirt up or down so you are still covered and can give them access quickly.

It is really inconspicuous to use when nursing in public since the appearance of your clothing does not change noticeably, which to me makes me a lot more comfortable when I can nurse discreetly.  I walked around a store nursing my 9-month-old and other than his slurping and the odd position I was carrying him in, no one had noticed.



Momzelle has also given us a $25 gift certificate for a giveaway.  Giveaway ends Tuesday at midnight so don’t forget to ENTER!

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Thanks so much to Momzelle for sending me this awesome shirt!  I love it and feel great in it!
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$25 Giveaway for Momzelle

Winner will be announced in Five Friday Favourites this week so check back on Friday to see if you won!

What shirt would you get?  What colours?

Momzelle Nursing Clothes

Momzelle is one of my favourite companies that makes nursing clothes.  For the past few Christmas and birthday’s my presents have been nursing tops from here.  They are local (ish depending on where you live), Canadian, and have a great return policy if something does not fit.

I have been nursing for two-and-a-half years.  I find that having the appropriate clothing makes a big difference in ease of nursing, travelling outside the house, and just your general comfort level.   My babies never liked the nursing cover, and frankly I didn’t either.  I found some I liked, but Bee got hot and cried under them, and I had a very strong let down so if she came off at all she would frequently be sprayed in the eyes or nose and start screaming, since she was under the cover I couldn’t see what was wrong right away.  I soon decided to find nursing friendly clothes to make things easier.

With nursing clothes I can easily see baby so I know if they are latched properly, fallen asleep, or being sprayed in the face.  I tend to wrap a receiving blanket around the outside of their body and head if I want more privacy/modesty.  I do not want to show my stomach off, but I also don’t like showing off my shoulder or top boob area either, I want to pop the boob out with no real change to my clothes.  People frequently don’t even know I am nursing baby sometimes as they can’t see a boob and only heard Po’s not so subtle slurping sounds to alert them.

Since I planned on having more than one child, and knew my goal was to breastfeed to at least two-years-old (good extra nutrients for vegetarian babies) it was a good decision to invest in some nice nursing tops/dresses so I still felt good about my clothes when I went out and not so frumpy, especially since I would be nursing for two to four years most likely.

Momzelle Nursing Clothes

Momzelle is giving one lucky winner a $25 gift card to Momzelle, to enter in the giveaway see below.

$25 Giveaway for Momzelle
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