Camping Activities

Camping Activities

Bee knows we are going camping and is excited to sleep in her sleeping bag, but does not remember camping last year or what happens when we camp.  She asks on a daily basis for her friends who are going camping with her.

I thought we could do some activities to remind her and get her excited about going camping again.


Campfire Handprint

Campfire Craft

Handprint campfire


First up we did a campfire craft.  She is fully understanding of campfires and thought it was fun making the flames.  I used regular construction paper, used brown to make the logs and had her help me glue them on.  Then mixed some yellow and red paint on a plate and had her stick her hand in and cover it in paint, then make three handprints for the flames.  It was a hit!


Toilet Paper Flashlight

Flashlight Craft

Flashlight toilet paper roll


We painted the toilet paper rolls after she finished her campfire and let them dry overnight to finish another day.  Next session we took red, yellow, and orange tissue paper scrunched it up (I taped the end to keep it together) and taped it in the toilet paper roll.  Bee loved it, but destroyed it literally five minutes later.


Pretend Camping Play

Playing with a tent

Pretend tent play


My sister lucked out and got an old sample model of a tent that they sell in stores (perfect replica of a real tent, just tiny) so we pretended camping with that.  Took some little people dolls, put them in socks as their sleeping bag and practiced getting in and out of the tent (shutting the door quickly so the bugs don’t get in) and letting her free play.


Pretend Campfire Play

Campfire Play

Campfire fun


I was so excited at a Discovery Toys party in the spring when I spotted this find.  A toy set that includes a lantern, campfire (logs and flames), s’mores kit (2 crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate) and a hot dog (or veggie dog for us vegetarians) and a stick which clicks onto the marshmallow and veggie dog to pretend roast over the fire.  Po loves eating all the pieces while we play.

It was a great oppourtunity to talk about campfire safety with Bee and what to do if her marshmallow catches fire.  Hint: it’s not screach and wave it around, that’s how you burn a fellow camper in the eye, which actually did happen to a 5-year-old Spark of mine one year at camp, she was ok, but it really hurt.

We set up a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls and had a nice campfire practicing roasting things and making s’mores.  For any vegans or vegetarian’s avoiding gelatin (like me) you can buy vegan marshmallows at most natural food stores and they are delicious.  Just be careful not to share as the other’s will eat them all and you will be left with no more marshmallows for roasting.


S’More Craft

S'More Craft


I cut out some pieces of construction paper in the shape of chocolate, marshmallow, and crackers.  I got Bee to paint the glue on the back and help me put it on some construction paper.    Then we coloured some faces on them.  She is getting to be a S’more expert.


Camping themed books


Reading camping books


We had some camping books already that I had been collecting but also grabbed a few more so we could get in the camping mood.

Campfire Craft

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We also skipped bath tonight to get in the camping spirit of being dirty all the time and we have been having our lunch a lot outside in the grass picnic-style.

What are your favourite camping-related activities to do with the kids before you leave?

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    Miranda says:

    Wow I love your activities! What a great way to prepare children for camping! I especially like the fire handprint craft and the pretend campfire play. I am going to share this on my page.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the link 🙂

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    Rose says:

    That is so cool to get a model of a tent! I wish they sold those I would love one for my toddler.

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    Karen B says:

    Looks like you’re having almost as much fun pretend camping as you do actual camping! Great ideas, Bee and Po are gonna have a blast!

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      Raising Fairies and Knights says:

      Thanks for hosting the party, my first week participating and it is such fun!

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