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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis month is my birthday!  I am so excited!  I am not normally a big birthday person, but this year I have my son and daughter to celebrate with.  My daughter now understands birthdays and tells me happy birthday on a daily basis now leading up to my birthday and eagerly talking about my birthday cake.

Growing up instead of a cake my mom used to make me lemon meringue pie as that was my favourite.  Oddly enough, when my husband and I started dating we compared notes and found out that he also had lemon meringue pie on his birthday instead of a cake too!  I think meant to be is definitely the right term here! Unfortunately, with kids, they KNOW you are supposed to have birthday CAKE.  So, it looks like birthday pie is out for awhile so we can enjoy cake together with the kids.



I am six months pregnant here, and my daughter does NOT look impressed about birthday squares instead of cake!

For the past two years I have been lucky enough to celebrate with my little family, including my daughter.  The two of us spend the day together, shopping for new baby/toddler clothes, eating a fun lunch and just enjoying our time together.  In the evening we have a family meal with or without a dessert/cake (husband sometimes forgets lol!) and play some games together as a family.


For my husbands birthday this year I threw him a Minecraft party, just for family who was in the area.  But celebrating with kids is just so exciting.  It brings birthdays, holidays, and celebrations to a whole new level.  Even just a backyard BBQ was super fun, Minecraft decorations, cake, it was great.


10984480_10153898998359478_4259542623066329990_nFamily Traditions

Minecraft BirthdayOne of my family’s traditions is the “Jack Corner Pie”.  This was a random but really fun tradition we did growing up on everyone’s birthday.  At the end of the meal/dessert/present opening whatever, out would come a big pot or bowl covered in a towel with a bunch of strings protruding from it.  Each string had someone’s name on it.  You would find your name then on the count of three everyone puled out their string to find a little surprise gift at the end.  Usually all dollar store or cheap things like chocolate bars, a book, sparklers, stickers, flower seeds, kitchen gadgets, whatever.  It is always a really fun way to end the celebration and bring everyone together.  My daughter is so used to loot bags at parties it’s easy to say people get this instead.  To be clear: she doesn’t need a loot bag, she likes giving them out!

I love being able to celebrate with my family and cannot wait for my first birthday celebration with my completed little family.

Birthday Celebrations What do you do for Birthday Celebrations in your family? How do you like to celebrate? These are some of my familites favourite traditions.

What are your favourite ways to celebrate birthdays?

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