Apple Related Book Crafts

This month for the monthly crafting book club we are doing Apple Related Book Crafts.  With Fall coming it is time to get our apple on!!  If you haven’t heard of the Monthly Crafting Book Club we are a group of bloggers who get together each month and focus on a book to promote for Children’s literacy.  Then we create a craft to go along with the book to read with the kids.  My children look forward to this each month.  They love to read stories, we visit the library each week in the summer and get 20 books to read together with the summer reading program.  It has been a great way to encourage my children to read as many books as possible this summer.


Apple Washi Tape Craft

This was a really fun craft that my daughter especially enjoyed.  Something about playing with tape really appeals to kids.  This was easy to do and I was happy with how much they still looked like an apple at the end of the craft.

Materials Needed:

  • Washi tape in colours to reflect apples (we used red, silver, and gold).
  • Construction paper to put the apple on.
  • Scissors for the adult to trim into an apple shape.
  • Brown pompoms for the stem.
  • Green buttons for the stem.
  • Glue gun & glue

How to create it:

  • Draw a rough circle/apple shape on construction paper.
  • Give your children pieces of washi tape cut to roughly the shape of the apple length.
  • Let them decorate it however they think an apple should look.
  • After they finish it you can cut it out and trim it to look like what you think an apple should look like.
  • Let the kids help you glue on the brown pompoms to look like an apple stem.
  • Then they can help you arrange the green buttons in a leaf shape.

Painted Apple Craft

I used to love making hand print crafts with my kids so couldn’t wait to try out painting with them.  My son had just woken up from nap and wasn’t feeling his best so it was not the most successful, but he perked up soon enough and enjoyed himself.  I hit up the Dollarama for all my supplies, no need to spend a lot, you may even have most of it on hand already.

Materials Needed:

  • Red paint
  • small canvas
  • paint brushes
  • green buttons
  • brown pom poms
  • glue gun


How to create it:

  • I drew a red circle/apple shape and had my kids help me paint it in.
  • Once it dried they chose out green buttons to shape like a leaf on the apple.
  • Lastly they helped me pick out brown pompoms to make the stem.


We borrowed every library book we could find on apples and read them together.  It was a lot of fun!  A very successful Apple themed craft session.

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